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Rock ‘n Roll: Satanic Music - III

Rock’s Subliminal Messages Unmasked

Fr. Jean-Paul Régimbal
The rock ‘n roll revolution could have followed its course without difficulty but for the fact that a curious thing came to light in the United States.


Satanic verses discovered on Led Zeppelin's Stairway to Heaven played backwards

stairway to heaven satanic verses

Gary Greenwald, himself a former rock singer, caused a splash when he revealed the presence of subliminal messages in some of the most popular rock recordings among youth. The recording that raised the initial ruckus was by the song Stairway to Heaven by the Led Zeppelin group.

It was shown to contain long passages of Satanic stream of consciousness lines if played backwards, such as "Here's to my sweet Satan", "He will give you 666", and "Happy is the man who makes me sad whose power is Satan."

A panel of California's State Assembly received multiple complaints from citizens submitted to the Consumer Protection Committee. After a study was undertaken which denounced the backward masking process, (1) Assemblyman Phillip Wyman introduced a bill requiring record companies to warn consumers on the album covers of the presence of subliminal messages, either satanic or any other type.

In fact, the Led Zeppelin group is not the most dangerous or pernicious, but represents only the tip of the iceberg that includes groups like the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Styx, The Who and many others. (2) But thanks to this famous cause, the public became aware of subliminal messages on rock sound tracks.

Subliminal messages: ‘A violation of consciousness’

As indicated by the term itself, a subliminal message (3) is the transmission of a message intended to reach the listener "just below the threshold of consciousness.” Such a message escapes the ear, eye and the external senses and penetrates the deep subconscious of the listener, who is completely defenseless against this form of aggression.

grim readper

The message in Grim Reaper’s Final Scream:
‘See you in Hell’

For 20 years, laws had been set in place prohibiting any subliminal technique in the fields of advertising, cinema, print, radio and television. But no one had foreseen extending that ban to the terrain of records, cassettes and audiovisual material. Because of this failure to act, the rock 'n roll industry could act freely, using all the electronic techniques available to pervert the minds and hearts of youth.

The author of the subliminal message is perfectly aware of the objective to be achieved: A profound revolution capable of any kind of subversion.

As for the listener, he is completely unaware of this invasion of his consciousness and deep subconscious. Since his conscious intelligence and his will are not in a state of alert or in conditions to exercise discernment, messages pass the conscious mind and enter directly in the subconscious. If a backward message is embedded in a song, the listener's conscious mind will not pick it up because it is not obvious. But, subconsciously, he will get the message. The music is frequently listened to over and over again.

The rock 'n roll messages transmitted in a subliminal way have a quite varied content:
  1. Sexual perversion in all its forms;
  2. Encouraging rebellion against the established order;
  3. Inspiring thoughts of suicide;
  4. Initiating violence and homicide, and
  5. Consecration to Satan.
Techniques of subliminal message

1. The verbal subliminal message - To transmit subliminal messages in a more subtle and less detectable way, there is the use of "upside down" phases that can be heard when you play the soundtrack in reverse, just as words written backwards in print can be read in a mirror. Ongoing studies show that a strange dual phenomenon occurs: first, the subconscious can capture a phrase spoken backwards (4); second, it can decode the same message if expressed in a language known to the listener. (5)


A rock frenzy grips the audience at a 1970s Snowbird concert

This dual phenomenon is evidence of the perverse intention of those who use these procedures. For this reason, we call it a real violation of consciousness.

With regard to rock music, we fully agree with Dr. Joost A.M. Meerloo, who warns, "A harsh and violent noise produces emotional and violent reactions and destroys all control over the defense mechanisms" (Delusion and Mass Delusion).

Four techniques are used to impress the subliminal message:
  1. Modulated frequency;
  2. Very low frequency (14 to 20 waves per second);
  3. High frequency (between 17 000 and 20 000 waves per second);
  4. The variable speed (audible only with a special device).
2. The "beat" and its subliminal effect - A subliminal message can also be transmitted by using the "beat." The strength of rock music lies in the syncopated pulsations of the rhythm that can subliminally influence brain activity to modify the way various organs of the body function.

The "beat" can produce an acceleration of the heartbeat and an increased flow of adrenalin; it can not only cause a sexual arousal, but even an excitation that reaches orgasm.

light show

A psychedelic light show aimed to disorient minds

3. The subliminal signal - It is possible for a sound recording to capture a signal with an ultra-sonic frequency (comparable to a silent dog whistle). When the brain is stimulated for a long time by one of these ultrasonic signals, it produces a biochemical reaction equivalent to an injection of morphine – as indicated by the term itself, releasing the body's "endorphins" (natural morphine).

The reaction produces a double effect; a sensation of euphoria and an activation of the mental processes. It is as if the hyper-activity of the brain permits one to more lucidly comprehend the subliminal message. Thus the vicious circle continues.

4. The strobe light, or stroboscopic lamp - Another technique for subliminal signals is the strobe (6). With this device you can accelerate flashes of alternating light and darkness, which produces a considerable weakening of one's sense of orientation, judgment and reflexes.

grateful dead strobe light

Strobe lights used at a Grateful Dead concert

It is clear that the strobe light produces the following effects:
  • When the cycle of alternating light/darkness varies between six and eight Hz (flashes per second), the result is a loss of depth perception;

  • When the cycle of alternating lights and darkness rises to 20 Hz per second, the light rays create interference with the alpha waves (7) of the brain, which controls the ability to concentrate;

  • When the cycle of alternating lights and darkness is further accelerated, all capacity of control is lost. At such a speed, strobe light can even trigger seizures.
The strobe light was popularized on the nightclub scene during the 1960s when it was used to reproduce and enhance the effects of LSD trips. Ken Kesey used strobe lighting in coordination with the rock music of the Grateful Dead during his legendary Acid Tests.

In early 1966 Andy Warhol's lights engineer Danny Williams pioneered the use of multiple stroboscopes, slides and film projections simultaneously onstage during the 1966 Exploding Plastic Inevitable shows

When the effect of rock music is combined with the strobe light, the barriers of moral judgment fall, the person loses his automatic reflexes and natural defense mechanisms. Unwittingly he is carried away by the suggestions of the subliminal messages on the disks.

Action of strobe lights

A multitude of youth at a rock concert being bombarded by strobe lights


  1. Back masking has been used as a recording technique since the 1960s. In the era of magnetic tape sound recording, back masking required that the source reel-to-reel tape actually be played backwards; digital audio recording has greatly simplified the process.
  2. Some examples of subliminal messages using backward masking:
    • In "Snowblind: by Styx: "Satan, move though out voices;"
    • In "When Electricity Came to Arkansas" by Electric Light Orchestra: "He is the nasty one. Christ, you're infernal;"
    • In "Final Scream" by Grim Reaper: "See you in Hell;"
    • In "As Flittermice as Satans Spy" by Darkthrone: "In the name of God let the churches burn;"
    • In "Hotel California" by the Eagles: "Yes, Satan organized his own religion."
  3. From the Latin: sub-below, liminal-threshold, existing or functioning below the threshold of consciousness.
  4. In his book, The Clam-Plate Orgy, Key discusses how to bypass the conscious mind: "The unconscious system appears able to unscramble even kinds of distorted information without individuals becoming consciously aware of the perception." To help illustrate how this is done, you actually see everything upside down and backward; but your brain turns it right-side up and forward. It can do this with sounds also.
  5. Dr. Wilson Bryan Key, a foremost authority on subliminal perception, has written three books on the subject. Writing in Subliminal Seduction, he says: "Experiments have demonstrated that humans can receive, process and transmit information which makes no conscious appearance at any stage of its passage through their nervous system . . Indeed, the unconscious can operate quite independently from the conscious mechanism in the brain."
  6. Strobe: A device used to produce regular flashes of light; from the Greek strobos = act of whirling.
  7. Alpha Waves: one type of brain wave waves that allow a person in a wakeful state to concentrate, perceive and understand by synthesizing what the external senses communicate to the human brain in a normal operating state. Any disruption of the alpha waves slows or neutralize these various functions.

Fr. Jean-Paul Regimbal (1931-1986), who relentlessly preached against Masonry
and rock music, was a Trinitarian priest in Northbay, Ontario, Canada.


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Posted October 12, 2015

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