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NEWS: March 1, 2021
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Bird’s Eye View of the News

Atila Sinke Guimarães
BERGOGLIO’S VISIT TO UR - From March 5 to 8 Pope Francis plans to visit Iraq, a trip that includes an interreligious meeting on the Plain of Ur, where Abraham lived. It was in Ur that God called him to leave Mesopotamia and go to Canaan. From Abraham came two races: the children of Jacob also called Israel, and the children of Ishmael.

Ziggurat of Ur

Above the Ziggurat of Ur, a temple dedicated to the god Nanna, where Francis will make a ceremony; below, a reconstitution of Ur in Abraham's time

Ur at the time of Abraham For a larger copy click here
The Jews’ religion – Judaism – rejected and killed Our Lord Jesus Christ, the Messiah, and went astray. St. Paul taught us that the promise God gave to Abraham, which represented the call of the Synagogue in the Old Testament, was taken from the Jews and given to the Gentiles who entered the Catholic Church. (cf. Rom 9:8, 30-33; 10: 3-7, 20-21; 11: 11-12, 25-28; Gal 3:8-15; 4: 28-29; 5: 1-6)

This same teaching has been repeated by the Catholic Magisterium for circa two millennia: The Church founded by Our Lord became the recipient of the promise first given to the Jews. She replaced the Synagogue, and, with the passage of time, she is bringing that promise to its fruition. The sin of the Jews, however, did not erase their first vocation, which will be fully accomplished when they will convert to the Catholic Church in the end times. (cf. Rom 11: 25-32)

Regarding the children of Ishmael, most of them – after a turbulent route in the Old and New Testament – from the 7th century on became Muslims.

Thus, Abraham was the father of the three most important religions present in our times: Catholicism, Islamism and Judaism. It is not necessary to stress that those religions have great doctrinal divergences, although the three profess monotheism.

Modernism and Progressivism, which have strongly infiltrated the Catholic Church, have tried to bypass those doctrinal divergences by “forgetting” them and highlighting various social concerns these religions share, such as the concern for peace, social justice and ecological balance.

This deception is not so different than that of a prostitute who tries to seduce a man with her charm and inebriate him with wine so that she can entice him in her shameless activity. St. John in the Apocalypse describes this tactic as that of the Great Whore who will come to seduce all the powers of earth. (cf. Apoc 17:1-2)

Whore of Babylon

The apostate Rome is offering religious tolerance to all. Is this the meaning of the Great Whore's wine?

Whether today’s progressivist Rome is this Whore is open to discussion. What cannot be denied is that the post-conciliar Vatican has done exactly this: It has tried to “forget” the serious doctrinal divergences with other religions by preaching mutual tolerance in order to seduce them to enter a Panreligion, which would bless and assist the One World Order.

Since Progressivism has taken over almost all the positions and offices of the Church, these last 56 post-Council years have been continuously pushing in this direction. But, the maneuvers of Ecumenism – with the Schismatics and Protestants – and the schemes of Inter-Religious Dialogue – with the Jews and Muslims – have been reduced to little more than sterile kiss-kiss encounters. In order to try to move plans forward, the last six progressivist Popes from time to time have made theatrical bombastic gestures. For example: On the occasion of the passage of the Millennium, Pope Wojtyla tried to impose two other spectacular landmark events that did not go forward: a common martyrology with the Schismatics and Protestants and a visit to Ur to make a symbolic proclamation of unity among Catholics, Jews and Muslims. A silent but strong reaction from sectors of the Roman Curia along with other circumstances prevented him from achieving these goals.

Now Francis is trying to fulfill that same agenda.

Isis victims in 2017

Members of the Coptic Monophysite Sect were kidnapped by ISIS terrorists & slaughtered

In May 2017 and now in February 2021 he has hammered away at the idea that 21 heretic Coptic victims of ISIS killed and seen on a video that went viral are martyrs of both Monophysitism and Catholicism. With this emotional plea, Francis attempts to dislodge the old Wojtylan agenda for a common martyrology, which was stuck in the mud.

Next, he is also working hard to achieve the other item of the progressivist agenda that the Polish Pope could not fulfill: the interreligious meeting in Ur.

Disregarding the so-called pandemic that he has so strongly championed, he will fly to Iraq to have just a few meetings with authorities. Probably little to no people will be present. Francis has even asked the “beleaguered” people who supposedly would show up to not come out to greet and cheer him along his way. America magazine reports him saying “If I go and many people come to greet me and this causes contagion; I do not want that.”

If this is the case, why is he travelling?

In a long interview with this magazine Card. Leonardi Sandri, the Prefect of the Congregation for the Oriental Churches, discusses Francis’ goals for this trip and affirms that “he will bring a proclamation for peace and a concrete road map for the future of interreligious relations and for the future of the world.”

Abu Dhabi kiss

Will Francis' visit to Ur just be
a repeat of Abu Dhabi?

The Cardinal goes on to say that “the visit of Pope Francis has a constitutional value for the future of the world, a project, a message to which one can grab in order to come out of the abandonment of the present world, with all its inequalities, injustices, poverty, discriminations and so on. It is the road map for the future of humanity.”

Since for the past two years Pope Francis has been repeating every day these same things ad nauseam, I do not see the need for him to go to Ur to parrot the same story, unless he is planning to make another spectacular gesture. For instance, to perform a symbolic reenactment of Abraham leaving Ur as a metaphor of a symbolic “divine call” for the "new post-covid world" to leave Capitalism and enter the “promised land” of a “new inclusive system” under the aegis of the Chinese Communist Party.

If this pantomime actually takes place, what would be its practical effect? I do not see how it will add anything to what he has already written in Fratelli tutti (here, here, here and here) and the Abu Dhabi Document.

But, before the eyes of God, it would be another major offense added to the Conciliar Popes’ long list. A mockery of the authentic call God made to Abraham, which had in germine (in its seed) the coming of the Messiah and the Redemption of mankind.


Blason de Charlemagne
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