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NEWS:  September 30, 2015
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Bird’s Eye View of the News

Atila Sinke Guimarães
WHAT KIND OF POPE IS THIS?  -  With Francis’ departure from Philadelphia to Rome last Sunday, September 27, we were freed from the avalanche of news reports, TVs clips and YouTube videos reporting his visit to Cuba and the U.S. His Jerry Lewis style of being Pope made him very popular in America, homeland of Hollywood movies and Broadway shows. Here the appreciation for onstage artists goes so far as to elect film celebrities to become mayors of cities, governors of states or even presidents of the nation. It is not surprising, then, that Pope Bergoglio, a man with such a large repertoire of phony facial expressions, would find a warm welcome in the United States.

Suor Cristina

Suor Cristina attracks because she publicly contradicts what a nun should be

In order to accurately evaluate the success of his tour this last week, we should add to his thespian-comic skills the attraction normally caused by contradiction.

To make myself clear, I offer my reader a recent example. Suor Cristina, the singer nun whose clip went viral around the entire world after she appeared in a rock talent-search show in Rome. That day she conquered the punk judges of the show and the viewing audience; soon her “success” would spread everywhere.

Why? Is it because she has an extraordinary voice? I believe her voice is just a little better than average. Is it because she is beautiful and presents herself well? Not particularly so. Is it because she is very charming? I do not see anything like this in her. I believe that the objective answer is: She became famous because she displays the opposite of what people expect from a nun.

Thus, to view a spouse of Jesus Christ who should be cloistered in a convent singing and dancing to crazy rock ‘n roll onstage; to see one who dedicated herself to a life of virginity publicly embracing men and women of bad moral reputation; to watch a nun whose only love should be her celestial Groom paying homage with finger signs to Satan, the great adversary of Christ – it is this series of contradictions that attracts people.

It attracts because of the flagrant shock with the high ideals of religious life. It also attracts because it “justifies” the bad life of those who frequent these rock ambiences. They “feel good” to see a nun carrying on like this: “If even a nun acts like we do, then no one can condemn us…”

Something analogous happens with Francis.

As a Pope, he is the highest authority on earth, but he publicly rejects the seriousness and ceremony of his position. He is the representative of 2,000 years of Catholic Tradition, but he steps on every possible element of that Tradition to please the egalitarian spirit of our century. He is the natural center of Catholic orthodoxy pursuant to the limits of papal infallibility, but he preaches the opposite of what the Church always taught.

He is the supreme standard of morality on earth – when someone wants to know what is good or bad his eyes normally turn to the Pope – but he is the greatest promoter of a moral-free life. He is charged with confirming his spiritual brothers and children in the Faith, but he weakens the Faith in all Catholics by his example and words. He is called to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world, but he promotes all the false religions. In short, he is the Vicar of Christ on earth, but by hiding Jesus Christ when he stands before Jews, Freemasons and pagans, he acts as an Antichrist.

This ensemble of contradictions, in my opinion, is the key to Francis “success.” Heretics, communists, masons, schismatics, free-lovers, prostitutes, homosexuals – all children of darkness applaud him because his teachings “justify” their actions.

Although conservative Catholics remain a bit suspicious of Francis, seeing the enormous acceptation he receives, their resistance also collapses: “Our Pope is wonderful, isn’t he?”

Let me list some of the things “our wonderful Pope” did in just one week during his visits to Cuba and the U.S.:
  • September 19 – He propped up the failing communist dictator Raul Castro by giving him all the prestige he could and praising the 50 years of despotism in Cuba;

  • September 20 – He paid homage to Fidel Castro, implicitly approving his crimes against the Church and the Catholics of the Island, many of whom were murdered or persecuted to the point of having to flee their country;

  • Francis under the billboard of Che Guevara

    Francis under the billboard of Che Guevara implicitly endorses the Communist Cuban Revolution

  • September 20 – On the occasion of his Mass in Revolution Square in Havana, he posed under the huge mural of revolutionary icon Che Guevara, reaffirming the message that Communism, even in its more violent forms, is good;

  • After that same ceremony, he gave a chalice of precious metal to Card.Jaime Ortega, thus rewarding the main architect of the lack of Catholic opposition to Communism in Cuba and the chief guardian who anesthetizes any effective reaction;

  • September 23 – In his first speech at the White House, instead of asking for U.S. help to end the genocide of Catholics in the Middle East, he pleaded for assistance to combat global warming;

  • Instead of cautioning against the danger of an invasion of Muslims under the pretext of immigration, he unrestrictedly encouraged the U.S. – and indirectly Europe – to open its borders and indiscriminately receive all immigrants;

  • Pope Francis at the US Congress

    Addressing Congress, he indirectly pledged the end of Capitalism

  • September 24 – In his too long and difficult-to-follow address to the assembled Congress, besides many platitudes, he found a way to elevate the subversive social activist Dorothy Day and the pro-Buddhist monk Thomas Merton to the rank of the most laudable Catholics of American history;

  • He spent time lecturing the Congress on the need to redistribute wealth in the name of the poor and to restrict economic growth in the name of environmental rights: both pledges were indirect attacks on Capitalism;

  • He mentioned the importance of defending human life, but instead of mentioning abortion explicitly, he insisted on ending the death penalty;

  • He spoke a few words about threats to the family, but said nothing against the legislation favoring homosexual marriage;

  • Pope Francis at the UN

    At the UN he banned nuclear weapons, but praised the Obama-Iran accord allowing Iran to produce them

  • September 25 – In his address to the United Nations, which was meeting to foster its lurid Agenda 21 – a plan of extreme environmentalism, social engineering and global political control launched under the pretext of sustainable development – he encouraged this undertaking as much as he could, attacked the rich, and called for a world free of nuclear weapons;

  • Contradicting this plea to end nuclear weapons, in the same speech he also praised the proposed U.S. accord with Iran, which would allow it to enrich uranium and, thus, to produce nuclear weapons that would be placed in the hand of Islamic terrorists;

  • In the three speeches he delivered in the White House, the Congress and the UN he did not mention even once the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ;

  • September 25 – Visiting the Ground Zero Memorial in New York, he encouraged 12 leaders of false religions to build unity, which means to establish a Panreligion, which is the opposite of the Catholic Church;

  • September 27 – In Philadelphia, speaking to the Bishops at the end of the World Meeting of Families, he told them not to be tempted to resolve family problems in the old ways, meaning not to apply traditional Catholic Morals but to make every type of moral concession to accommodate the new situations of the “concrete world.”
These are some of the highlights of the extreme leftist accomplishments of “our wonderful Pope” made in a single week.


Blason de Charlemagne
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