NEWS:  May 28, 2014
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Bird’s Eye View of the News

Atila Sinke Guimarães
A NEW VATICAN BANNER: ‘SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT’  -  From May 2 to 6, 2014, the Vatican held a congress with both its Pontifical Academy of Sciences (PAS) and its Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences (PASS). The title of the gathering was: Sustainable Humanity, Sustainable Nature: Our Responsibility. This congress gathered the scientific minds of many countries in order to discuss sustainability. It issued a final statement, (1) which seems to me an echo of Pope Francis’ Evangelii gaudium – preaching equalitarianism in the Church and State – and a preparation for his announced next document on ecology.

Vatican defends an ecological agenda

An anti-capitalist Vatican adopts the green agenda

Expressions like “sustainable development,” “sustainability,” “sustainable planet,” etc., are increasingly in vogue in the modern vocabulary of social and political leaders. They bear a kind of sparkly talismanic message, whose meanings can vary from a banality – every development must be responsible for its consequences – to the bold goal that all the world’s inhabitants must change their ways of being and all countries must abandon their systems of government and production to conform to an ecological agenda more radical than Communism. The whole gamut of intermediary meanings between these two extremes can be accommodated by these talismanic expressions, according to the mind frame of the one using them and his audience. (2)

As an example of this new fad, it is interesting to read some paragraphs of the final declaration of both PAS and PASS this early May, which will help us to define what sustainability is. The original is available on the Vatican website here. The scientists invited by the Vatican to participate with these two academies state:

All Gore

Gore's defeated theory of global warming re-enters the stage, presented by Vatican “scientists”

  • “Today we have changed our natural environment to such an extent that scientists are redefining the current period as the Age of the Anthropocene, that is to say, an age when human action, through the use of fossil fuels, is having a decisive impact on the planet. If current trends continue, this century will witness unprecedented climate changes and ecosystem destruction that will severely impact us all.”

  • “Unfair social structures (Evangelii gaudium) have become obstacles to an appropriate and sustainable organization of production and a fair distribution of its fruits … Humanity’s relationship with nature is riddled with unaccounted for consequences of the actions each of us take for both present and future generations.”

  • “Problems have been exacerbated by the fact that economic activity is currently measured solely in terms of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and, therefore, does not record the degradation of Earth that accompanies it nor the abject inequalities between countries and within each country.”  (bold added)

  • “In view of the persistence of poverty, the widening of economic and social inequalities, and the continued destruction of the environment, the world’s governments called for the adoption by 2015 of new universal goals, to be called Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), to guide planetary-scale actions after 2015. To achieve these goals will require global cooperation, technological innovations that are within reach, and supportive economic and social policies at the national and regional levels, such as the taxation and regulation of environmental abuses, limits to the enormous power of transnational corporations and a fair redistribution of wealth. It has become abundantly clear that Humanity’s relationship with Nature needs to be undertaken by cooperative, collective action at all levels – local, regional, and global.”

  • “The main obstacles to achieving sustainability and human inclusion are inequality, unfairness, corruption and human trafficking. … We need, above all, to change our convictions and attitudes, and combat the globalization of indifference with its culture of waste and idolatry of money. We should insist upon the preferential option for the poor… as humanity’s imperative responsibility to future generations. We have the innovative and technological capability to be good stewards of Creation. Humanity needs urgently to redirect our relationship with nature by adopting the Sustainable Development Goals so as to promote a sustainable pattern of economic development and social inclusion.”
Ordering these concepts, we find the following points that can define “sustainability”:
  1. Inequalities in society and economy are intrinsically evil and immoral; they are the causes of poverty and injustice;

  2. The Western means of production (Capitalism) and ways of living (consumerism) are unjust and immoral because they favor inequality and greed;

  3. They also produce climate change and the destruction of the planet;

  4. primitive African natives wielding an AK-47

    A global tribalism appears as the ideal of “sustainability”

  5. Since we are living in a global world in which everything is interchangeable, for the good of all and the preservation of the planet Capitalism and consumerism must end;

  6. A new socio-economic regime in which no inequalities exist (a Tribalism equivalent to neo-Communism), valid for the entire world, must replace Capitalism;

  7. Whoever opposes such changes must be punished.
The presuppositions 1 to 3 are essentially erroneous. Inequality is not intrinsically wrong, but a reflection of God in Creation approved by Catholic teaching (point 1); although we admit that there are abuses in our Western social-economic system that must be corrected, Capitalism is not necessarily unjust and immoral, but according to Natural Law (point 2); the myth of global warming based on the emission of CO2 has been scientifically proved wrong (here & here) (point 3). Therefore, the consequences (points 4, 5 & 6) are baseless and arbitrary.

These points, which, in my opinion, define “sustainability,” have nothing scientific about them. They are part of an agenda to be imposed on the world, purely and simply because they aptly translate the next step of the Revolution to be taken by the entire world: The imposition of a global Tribalism.

Interestingly, the Conciliar Church is entering full steam ahead as a powerful agent to impose this agenda.

I believe these points that summarize the neo-communist agenda of the Vatican's Environmentalism could also be considered the normal outcome of Francis’ Evangelii gaudium. It may also be the outline of the coming document on ecology.

  1. See a report of the event by Dan Misleh, “Sustainability summit urges action,” National Catholic Reporter, May 23, 2014, p. 8.
  2. On this topic, I strongly recommend an excellent work by Prof. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira titled Unperceived Ideological Transshipment and Dialogue explaining this new weapon of Psychological Warfare, which is to change the mentalities of multitudes from anti-communist to pro-communist by the use of “talismanic words.” The work is on public domain and can be downloaded here.

Blason de Charlemagne
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