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Tribalism or Self-Management:
the Next Step after Communism

Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira

We know that everything is controlled in a Communist State. Lenin or Stalin had more power over the Russian people than any Czar in the past ever exercised - even in his more tyrannical phase. A Czar, indeed, had great power, but individuals still retained many rights and privileges that he could not touch. Certainly they had less power than the citizens of an American or European democracy, but it was still quite significant.

A photograph of Stalin and Lenin

Stalin and Lenin: tyrants more powerful than any Czar
Lenin or Stalin had an unparalleled, unheard-of power. Under their rule, for example, if a man wanted to travel from one city to another in Russia, he had to ask permission from the State police, explain the exact purpose of his travel, and get his passport duly rubberstamped.

If a man wanted to move from one neighborhood to another in a city - or even from one house to another in the same neighborhood - he needed permission from that same State police, who would determine if that move was in the interests of the State. Under that totalitarian regime, the State never considered the interests of the individual, only its own interests. For instance, it would check to see whether he was moving to an area that housed persons under suspicion of plotting against the State. If such were the case, the man could very easily be considered suspect of conspiracy against the State, for the simple fact of moving closer to someone he didn’t even know existed.

These are just a few cases that happened regularly in daily life in Russia under Lenin, Stalin, Brezhnev or Gorbatchev.

Self-management, an ideal of Communism

After this phase in which the powers of the State were exaggerated to the maximum, the ideal of Communism is to reach another stage called self-management. I am not making this up. It was written in the most important document of the USSR. Indeed, the Soviet Constitution affirmed: “The supreme objective of the Soviet State is the construction of a classless communist society in which a socialist communist self-management will be able to develop” (1).

A tribal meeting of an ecovillage

This Ecovillage adopts a tribal style of meeting
What does self-management mean? It refers to the process of government of each unit of society. In a factory, self-management means that all the workers are the owners of the factory. They decide what direction the factory should take, what products it should make and the price to be charged. Be it a country-village, a school or a university, each is directed by those who compose it, thus doing away with the notion of owners who are distinct from employees, professors from pupils, or masters from servants.

This system of communist self-management is meant to result in the dissolution of the State, which would be broken into many minuscule States, small groups of around 100 families where the people in it live and work under the direction of one chief, supposedly elected by the whole group. Each one of these units should operate as a tribe – this is, in actuality, its correct name. The communists call each of these cells soviets, we call them tribes. Tribes of white, yellow or black people, or mixed groups – whatever you want to imagine. In these tribes no one owns anything; the tribe is the sole proprietor of everything.

No woman belongs solely to any man, no man to any woman. It is complete sexual promiscuity. The children belong to the ensemble. The school directed by the tribe gives the children the formation it chooses. Each one has the obligation to perform the work to which he is assigned, and each has the right to the fruit of the labor of everyone else. No one has the right to have a small garden of vegetables, for example, to grow for himself the things he most enjoys. Everything he produces has to be taken to a common center to be distributed equally. What we have, then, is complete equality in a complete promiscuity – thus achieving complete Communism.

Religion and tribal life

This new phase of Communism corresponds to some of the deepest tendencies of the modern age. Let me list several:
  • The hippy movement and the revolt of the youth, abandoning society to live in urban or country tribes;
  • The exaltation of the life of Indians, being presented as a model everywhere today;
  • The ecological movement and its virtual war against any nobler aspect of civilization;
  • The Christian Base Communities that present a new face of the Church as well, in which the great institution of the Church is broken into small pieces that is supposed to give a renewed life to the ensemble.
Green activists marching semi-nude

Beyond Communism - green activists marching for freedom from all constraints
These tendencies are all heading toward the tribal life working in different ways for a communist self-managing society.

This self-management can be compared to a kind of religion. It promotes the idea that people receive divine inspiration from the gods who show them what to do. Receiving that general inspiration in a more concentrated form is a guru, who is able to interpret it and then to transmit it to the leader of the group of Indians. Therefore, the leader obeys the guru, shaman or witch doctor. The leader’s authority is dissolved into a kind of spiritist authority of the guru, who interprets the messages the spirits send for the people.

In practice this apparently spontaneous network of groups is linked to a central government, which controls it. All the spiritist messages are transmitted to that central authority that supposedly takes them into consideration.

I believe that ultimately the power behind these “revelations” is a preternatural one, which tells the gurus and people what to do. In short, it is the Devil that is preparing his entrance onto the world scene to be adored as the one who inspires and controls everything.

Link with the green movement

Green and red protest in Delhi

Communists and ecologists unite for water rights in Dehli, above.   A green-organized protest of natives against a dam project in the Amazon, below.

A green organized native protest in the Amazon
What is the relation between tribalism and the green movement?

Ecology uses as a pretext that it wants to create an environment favorable to man in order to prevent man from destroying nature either by ignorance or greed.

A factory that releases harmful gases in the air is, therefore, combated by the ecological movement since sooner or later those gases will be breathed by men, animals or plants. If that industry continues to release those gases, the ecologists affirm, it must be stopped. Or they say that a city needs open spaces and parks with trees and plants to provide cleaner air and a more healthful environment for its inhabitants.

On a more extensive scale, the green movement pretends that the Amazon is the green lung of the world. Therefore, to preserve the world’s health, no one can touch the Amazon, even if a plantation were to proportionally replace the trees it cut.

We see that along with things that are reasonable like parks and clean air, other measures are clearly abusive and biased such as this intrusion on Brazilian sovereignty with regard to the Amazon. This unwarranted intrusion becomes more suspicious when the same ecological movement asserts that the only ones who can live there are the aborigines in their tribal life.

Therefore, the goal of ecology appears as being to promote the tribal life and present it as a model for civilized peoples like ourselves.

Class struggle against civilization

Wrapped in this green message is another one filled with poison: the European who came to the three Americas to colonize them were usurpers. They came to exploit the Indians who lived here and steal their land. So, the Portuguese, Spanish, English and French who came to our Continent in different phases of its history would be nothing more than bandits who should be ashamed for bringing civilization to these lands. Those white men – us – should make restitution for our crimes and return to our original countries. This is nonsense! How would it be possible, for example, for more than 150 million Brazilians to return to Portugal, which is too small to contain or support them?

The same green movement that began with a positive message to build parks and clean the air in our cities soon takes on a communist hue, preaching its hatred for the five centuries of culture and civilization we received from our ancestors. According to it, the Indians are the ones who are naturally good, their tribal lifestyle is perfect, and all of us - European white people - are the villains.

National Geographic promotes tribalism through the Jamestown story

Media organs disseminate that the European colonization of the Americas was bad
Thus, the ultimate ideal of the green movement is to destroy our way of life, including the present day economic system of the three Americas, which is Capitalism, and to return to a tribal lifestyle. To achieve this goal, the ecological movement invents a series of lies – such as global warming is caused by the industrial emissions of CO2 – whose principal aim is to change the Western lifestyle and move it toward tribalism. I believe it is not necessary to demonstrate that the major media and most prestigious elites pretend to believe this myth and promote it as much as they can.

In passing, let me note that the Catholic evangelization of the three Americas and the preaching of the True Faith are included in this generalized hatred for what is considered the European usurpation. No account is taken of the fact that Our Lord Jesus Christ became known in these lands and a multitude of souls were saved and now enjoy eternal life in Heaven.

Curiously, today’s progressivists are deaf to ecologist assaults against the Catholic Church. The Conciliar Church takes no offense against such accusations because not only do its Prelates support the green-red platform, but often they promote it overtly. See how the leaders of Liberation Theology quickly changed their red banners to green ones and became the shining stars of the ecological movement.

Our Lord Jesus Christ, who was both God and man and lived in Galilee 2000 years ago, is not as suitable for tribalism as the false idea that the gods live everywhere in the trees and animals.

This is the aim of the Revolution in its present day phase. It is what I call the Fourth Revolution in my book Revolution and Counter-Revolution.

Ecology and Pantheism

When we stop to analyze what is behind this new revolutionary fashion, we find a religious-philosophical concept of man and god. Indeed, the gods that the Indian thinks are living in a tree trunk, serpent or lizard, and that he represents on a totem pole to be adored by the tribe, are not individual gods. Those beings merely represent condensations of an impersonal divinity that is present in everything but at times appears concentrated in animals, trees, lakes or atmospheric phenomena: a wind that speaks or lighting that sends a message.

Divinities in every part of nature

Each body of water or tree would be inhabited by a divinity
Even though an Indian would not give a philosophical explanation of his primitive idolatry, we can well do so. That universal divinity present everywhere is a crude version of Pantheism. The messages that are received or sent constitute a type of Spiritism. Often the presence of the Devil is very easy to unveil in those phenomena.

It is not difficult to realize that the ecological movement is pantheist when it pretends that every animal, plant or even mineral has rights and cannot be harmed or touched. It becomes a crime to kill this type of animal or that species of plant. The most profound reason for such rights is that every being is part of a whole that is divine and has in itself something of that divinity. They are speaking more and more every day about the rights of Mother Earth, as if the planet itself were a deity.

Therefore, we see that the green movement is leading toward tribalism, which in effect is pantheistic, with its doors wide open to occult communications with the preternatural, which is very close to Satanism.

A new form of society beyond Communism

When one rejects a personal God who is different from Creation, he does not have need for hierarchy in society, because the latter is reflection of the former. If everything is a part of god, if everything is divine, then equality becomes a religious commandment. Anyone who would pretend to be more than others would be a criminal, because he would be stealing from the others and concentrating in himself parts of divinity that should be equally distributed among all.

The only form of society that would be entirely consistent with this ecological pantheism is one with complete equality. This is not the equality of our modern democracies, which still retain different political bodies – the executive, legislative and judiciary – different social and economic classes, is served by police forces to maintain order and has military forces to impose its will both internally and externally. For the new tribalist mentality, this modern democracy is as detestable as the monarchies and aristocracies of old because it still maintains fundamental inequalities. The only acceptable regime is the tribe where everyone is equal and possesses nothing.

This ecological model of self-management wants to destroy the State, its political bodies and system, its economy, culture, customs and social habits. The ecological movement thus aims for a more extreme goal than Communism could achieve. It surpasses Communism as the more radical and anticipated fruit of the same process.

I have not yet heard of an International Green Movement – such as International Communism – that would control all the cells, but I would be very surprised if it did not exist.

I hope this explanation sheds light on the movement we are presently witnessing in all our countries and represents the avant garde of the Revolution today.
1. Constitución – La Ley Fundamental de La Unión de las Repúblicas Socialistas Soviéticas, October 7, 1977, Moscow: Editorial Progreso, 1980, p 5.

Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted July 27, 2009

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