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Benedict on Anglican Unity & Ecology:
More Reasons for Catholics to Resist

André Garcia

Aboard the papal plane to Sydney on July 12, Benedict XVI asked prayers for the Anglican “church.” According to a report from Infra, a Catholic news agency, he did not ask us to pray for the conversion of the Anglicans and their acceptance of the Catholic Faith. (1) He asked instead that we pray for the unity of the Anglican “church,” so that there will not be any more splits in it. We know that the apparent unity of the Anglicans is on the edge of a complete break over the issues of making women and homosexual men bishops. Hence, Benedict tries to reinforce the position of Rowan Williams, the supposed head of the Anglicans, who is facing heat from both liberals and conservatives.

Archbishop Akinola is against Williams

The powerful archbishop Akinola with his 20 million Nigerian followers threatens to abandon Williams if he accepts women bishops
To better understand this attitude, let us look at another scenario. Imagine if the Pope in the time of Luther were to ask Catholics to pray that the Lutheran sect remain united and not splinter off into different factions, thus multiplying almost ad infinitum as, in fact, happened.

This prayer would be absurd then, as is Benedict’s today, because they deny by the way of facts that the Catholic Church is the only True Religion. Such prayer also denies the Catholic Faith, which opposes the Anglican heresies. Further, it implicitly regards as futile all the heroic actions of those who defended the Church against Anglicanism. Consider, for example, St. John Fisher and St. Thomas More, to name just two. Benedict’s attitude is unacceptable for any serious Catholic.

We are, therefore, before a matter where, as Roman, Apostolic, Catholics we can legitimately take a position of resistance in face of Pope Benedict XVI and the Vatican.

Riding the wave of ecology

Further, Benedict XVI is presenting himself at the World Youth Day in Sydney as a herald for ecology, riding this new wave of the Revolution. He has assigned himself the task of conscientizing Catholics with regard to environmental questions (global warming, exploitation of the planet, insatiable consumption, etc.), to find an ethical way to change lifestyles (Infra). (2)

Green vestments for Ratzinger

New green agenda and vestments for Pope Ratzinger
Benedict enters, therefore, into the actual arena of the Cultural Revolution, proposing a change in behavior and today’s mentality. This was one of the central themes of Eco-92, the UN-sponsored Earth Summit held in Rio de Janeiro to promote the development of an “ecological conscience” throughout the world. Now it appears as the theme of the Ratzinger pastoral.

Maurice Strong (3) and other green radicals or environmentalists could not find a better propagandist of the ecological revolution than the Pope. The ecological agenda is about much more than conserving fuel and water; it has clear-cut tones of Paganism and Tribalism. Further, this movement represents a metamorphosis of red Communism to a certainly no less noxious green one, which goes a step further than the dictatorship of the proletariat. Indeed, with ecology, Communism draws near its long-dreamed-of phase of its final synthesis.

Vague papal allusions to a “Creator” or “Creation to be preserved” hardly serve to deplete the issue of the highly revolutionary content it possesses. In this sense, the ecological movement constitutes a much greater enemy of the Church than Anglicanism

Are we facing a matter so grave that it demands the Catholic counter-revolutionary conscience to place itself in a state of resistence? If we entered into a state of resistance in 1974 under the leadership of Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira because we refused to accept the red wolf of the Communist Revolution, must we not also adopt a position of resistance in face of the green wolf of the Ecological Revolution?
1. The news was also reported by AP, “Pope prays for end to rifts in Anglican Church,” July 12, 2008
2, Likewise, this was published by major news agencies throughout the world, e.g. CNN “Pope denounces ‘insatiable consumption,” July 18, 2008
3. Maurice Strong was Secretary General of both the 1972 United Nations Conference on the Human Environment, which launched the world environment movement, and the 1992 Earth Summit and first Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), Strong has played a critical role in globalizing the environmental movement.

Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted July 18, 2008

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