Crisis in Ecumenism

Cartoon book - Greek protests

At left, Protestants publish a comic book ridiculing JPII's trip to Holland.
At right, an "orthodox" monk leads street protests against JPII's trip to Greece

catholicFrancis’ Ecumenical Failure in Georgia
Mass in an empty stadium & angry schismatic protesters

catholicThe Impossible Hermeneutics of Continuity
Kasper retires admitting the defeat of ecumenism

catholicThe Conversion of the Anglicans
Benedict's document - no dogmatic demands and praise for Anglican errors

catholicWhat Is Left of the English Club?
Anglicans split over homosexual bishops and woman bishops

catholicBenedict on Anglican Unity & Ecology
More reasons for Catholics to resist

catholicAnother Rebuff from the Russian Schismatics
Benedict ignores Fatima to achieve the utopia of a Pan-religion

catholicA Church that Renounces Its Apostolic Note
Card. Kasper sends away Anglicans who want to convert to the Catholic Faith

catholicHispanic Americans Reject Ecumenism
Experts declare that Hispanic Catholics in the U.S. strongly reject Protestants

catholicA Paralyzed Ecumenism
Difficulties between Catholics and Schismatics and Catholics and Anglicans

catholicKazan, the End of the Story
JPII delivers Icon of Kazan to Russian Schismatics without any return

catholicKasper's Curious "Code of Behavior"
Card. Kasper goes to Moscow to stop Ukrainian Bishops from proselytizing

catholicAn Anti-Anglo Anglican "Church"
Internal problems among Anglicans that can lead to the end of their sect

catholic A Singing Kasper
JPII gives a church to the Bulgarian schismatics; Russian schismatics offend him

catholicGay Anglican Bishops
Homosexuals become Anglican bishops; complicating ecumenism with the Vatican

catholicNo More Ecumenism, Say Baptists
American Baptists reject ecumenism with Catholics

catholicAnglican Split
WNew Anglican primate may cause a deeper split in his weak confession

catholicA Moribund WCC
Fights between Schismatics and Protestants predict an end to the WCC

catholicSincerely Yours...
Muslim leaders inspire Sudan governmental persecution of Catholics

catholicIs Saul Also Among the Prophets?
Card. Kasper tells the truth about the Schismatic Church

catholicEcumenical Fellows
Vatican looks away as the schismatics bulldoze Catholic churches in Romania

catholicTwo Slaps
The Vatican receives two more insults from the Russian Schismatic patriarch

catholicEcumenical World Cup
Buddhists proselytize efficiently under the pretext of putting up sports fans

catholicA Sincere Dialogue
Can the mentor of Bin Laden be a sincere participant in inter-faith dialogue?

catholicCuriosities from the Orthodox Arena
Russian "orthodox" church claims it is the only road to salvation...

catholic"Too Little Appreciated"
Vatican officer affirms ecumenism is not appreciated by many Catholics

catholicA Two-Horned Monster
Protests by schismatic monks in JPII's visit to Athens

catholicOracle of Delphi
Sant'Egidio's leader admits the failure of an important pan-religious meeting

catholicDéjà Vu
Schismatic Alexis repeats his complaints against Ukrainian Catholics

catholicMartyrology: A Step Backward
Facing a hostile reactions the Vatican postpones its planned martyrology

catholicFoiled Ecumenism
Lutheran sect boycotts Catholic celebrations of the Millennium

Ecumenism then and now

Ecumenism then... blank.gif - 807 Bytesand now...

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