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Is Saul Also Among the Prophets?

Atila S. Guimarães  -   June 5, 2002

The Old Testament tells how after Saul was chosen to be the first king, he received an order from Samuel to meet with “a company of prophets” and join them in their prophesying. When the people, who knew Saul well and were far from considering him a prophet, saw him sitting with the prophets and singing psalms in their midst, they asked with surprise: “Is Saul also among the Prophets?” (1 Kings 10:11-12) It became the custom to use the expression whenever someone did something that went against his normal habits.

Kasper predicts a grim future for the schismatics

Kasper predicts doom and gloom
Actually, it could have been applied to something that happened last month. Cardinal Walter Kasper, a known progressivist and radical ecumenist, was asked by the press to state what he thought about the recent hostilities of the Russian Schismatic Church against the Holy See, and he spoke out. He said: “The Orthodox Church resents its own weakness in its capacity to govern the people and to attract them, and for this reason it fears a much more efficient Catholic presence, even if numerical small… The Orthodox Church is not prepared to face the future” (Actualité des Religions, June 2002, p. 37).

I have read many books and articles by Kasper and have followed his activities for quite a while. This is the first time in my life that I agree one hundred percent with him. He is right. The picture he sketched of the situation in Russia is brief and precise. The Schismatic Church has been putrid for quite some time. It lives exclusively by the favor of the Communist State. If either this support would cease or the Vatican would order a real missionary effort, like the Ukrainians began to make, then all of “Orthodoxy” would peter out in a short time. The Vatican knows this perfectly, and the proof lies in the Kasper statement. Here, at least for one moment, the truth was spoken. Bravo Saul!

anti pope schismatic

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