NEWS:  May 30, 2016
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Bird’s Eye View of the News

Atila Sinke Guimarães
FEMALE DEACONS, FEMINIST CHURCH  -  The meeting of about 800 heads of women religious, members of the International Union of Superiors General, took place this month in Rome and gave the pretext to restate the question of the ordination of women. The news is that Francis now seems to be open to the suggestion.

Francis arrives at the meeting of General Superiors pf women religiou

A theatrical Bergoglio arrives at the meeting with women religious to answer their bold questions

As that meeting was coming to its close on May 12, 2016, Francis met all those leaders in Paul VI Hall and answered questions. Basically, the questions of the nuns focused on four points:
  • The Church should not exclude women from serving as deacons since this function existed in the early Church; a commission should be set up to study the issue;

  • Women should be included in the high-level decision-making processes of the Church;

  • The Church hierarchy should speak with them not just about them;

  • The Church should accept and not obstruct them when they speak out on “novelties.”
The main question, which synthesizes the others, is the first, although all are bold expressions of the rising tide of feminism in the Church.

Francis did not completely endorse the blunt suggestion of ordaining woman deacons. He alleged he did not know exactly what had been the role of women who helped to administer Baptism in the early Church. He agreed to establish a commission to study the topic. This study should set out precisely the past role of women; then, if women-deacons really existed as the nuns have alleged, it should analyze whether conditions warrant installing them again today. The doors are open, therefore, to either introduce or reject woman deacons.

However, I am not saying that Francis played the “conservative” and the nuns took the role of “progressisivist” in that meeting. To open doors to extravagant issues has been one of the main characteristics of Bergoglio’s papacy:
  • He opened doors to homosexuals to have free transit in the Church when he issued that famous question “Who am I to judge?”;

  • He opened doors to them to be part of the liturgy when he invited one of them to read the Epistle at his Mass in New York;

  • He opened doors to homosexual “marriage” when he received and kissed a homosexual couple at the Papal Nunciature in Washington;

  • He opened doors for transgenders when he washed the feet of one of them in a prison on the outskirts of Rome;

  • He opened doors for women to have their feet washed at Maundy Thursday, which is the same to saying that women represent the Apostles: a hint that he would approve woman-bishops;

  • He opened doors to man and woman cohabitating together outside marriage when he baptized the fruit of one of these unions in the Vatican;

Francis washes feet of transgender

Francis speaks with a transgender, top, after washing his/her feet in a prison of Rome

  • He opened doors to pre-marital cohabitation when he blessed the wombs of pregnant brides in St. Peter’s square;

  • He opened doors for civilly divorced and “remarried” persons to receive Communion when he allowed priests to do so according to subjective and vague criteria, etc.
We see that this Pope does not care a cent about doctrine; he sabotages it as much as he can by the way of the facts. Following this general policy, therefore, Francis is opening doors to the nun-deacon, which is tantamount to making the woman-deacon, a first step toward admitting the woman-priest in the Conciliar Church. From this perspective, to establish a commission to study the possibility of making woman-deacons is already a huge step.

He also did not close the door to the possibility of changing the Code of Canon Law to introduce the novelties he deems necessary.

Minor & major orders

We know that in the Church there are traditionally four minor orders and four major orders. The minor are the ostiarius or doorkeeper, the lector or reader, the exorcist and the acolyte. In 1972, these minor orders were suppressed by Paul VI in the Conciliar Church and transformed into ministries, which thenceforth have been granted to women in some cases. The major orders include the sub-deaconate (also suppressed by Paul VI), the deaconate, the priesthood and the episcopate.

So, to admit female deacons is equivalent to introducing women into the major orders. It is obviously a first step for them to receive the priesthood and the episcopate. It is common knowledge that the Catholic Church never admitted women to the major orders by the simple fact that they are not suited for this. Even John Paul II was obliged, against his will, to declare it formally in his Apostolic Letter Ordinatio Sacerdotalis (1994).

Precedents preparing for woman-priests

In the last decades we have followed the process of women receiving “orders” in the Anglican Sect, which successively admitted women “priests” and women “bishops” (here and here). These precedents have set the pattern for Francis’ Conciliar Church.

Another huge precedent set in the Conciliar Church itself is the authorization of many “ministries” of the Church to be given to religious women under the pretext of the dwindling number of priests. So, we have seen increasing numbers of women as sacristans, lectors, acolytes, ministers of the Eucharist, presiders over marriage celebrations and preachers of the sermon.

Francis embraces Mother Carmen Sammut

Bergoglio embraces Mother Sammut, president of the General Superiors of women religious

Many of these functions that belonged to priests, deacons or other men who had received minor orders are now abusively being exercised by women. Based on this precedent, women religious are now asking to be recognized as deacons.

This is the basic argument of Mother Carmen Sammut, president of the International Union of Superiors General, in an interview granted to the Italian daily La Reppublica. Indeed, she affirms:

“Many of us were called to develop a service that, in the order of facts, is already a deaconate. For this reason we put the question to the Pope: It seems fair to us that the deaconate should be granted to us because we realized that the people whom we serve already see us as such. In this sense, the [female] deaconate can bear many fruits.” (La Reppublica, online edition May 13, 2016)

Doctrinal impediments

Although God is above the distinction of the sexes (Gal 3:28), when Our Lord Jesus taught us the perfect way to pray to God the Father, He said: “Our Father, who art in Heaven.” He did not use the word Mother.

When God the Father spoke both at the Baptism of Jesus Christ and at His Transfiguration, he said: “Here is my beloved Son …” He did not say Daughter.

When Our Lord Jesus Christ promised to send the Holy Spirit, He said: “I will send you the Paraclete”, a word of the masculine genre. The conclusion is that man is the proper image and likeness of God, created from the earth to govern it, as Genesis states.

Holy Trinity

The Persons of the Holy Trinity always referred to one another as men, not women

The woman is the companion God created from man to prevent him from being alone. She was created to influence man, not to command him or have equal powers to him. She received the complementary and irreplaceable mission of giving birth to other men, but she does not have the mission to govern other men and rule over creation. She should have an important voice in the decisions of the family life; however, as a rule, she should not exercise a role in public affairs.

The conclusion: It is contrary to nature to imagine a woman can be a father in the supernatural field as a deacon, priest or bishop so that she can effect and distribute the Sacraments, as much as it is contrary to nature to imagine a man can be a mother in the natural field so that he can conceive and generate a child in his womb.

Behind the political correctness

I know that I am being politically incorrect by going against feminism. The entire truth is habitually politically incorrect; this is why Our Lord was crucified. Nonetheless, I hold women in high consideration. It is for this reason that I am warning them: “Do not follow the revolutionary saga of feminism.”

Today, the Revolution tells women they are equal to man and insufflates their revolt. Tomorrow, it will tell children that they are equal to men and women and have an equal right to be part of decision-making process; after that, it will state that insane and mentally ill persons have the same right. So, this march toward complete madness will never end until the Devil, who is the great inspirer of all these “emancipations,” will have turned the whole natural order up-side-down to mock God.

So, if my readers of the feminine sex do not want to be a toy of the Revolution and the Devil, they should move away from this non-sense of feminism.


Blason de Charlemagne
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