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Lesbian marriage Chicago 1

Lesbian 'marriage' in Chicago

On April 22, 2024, a lesbian "marriage" took place in St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church in Chicago. That church is adjacent to the DePaul University. The pastor is Fr. Joseph S. Williams.

Fr. Williams decided to perform a ceremony of "blessing homosexual couples" in the wake of the permission granted by Fiducia supplicans.

That Vatican document and comments about it by Card. Fernandez and Pope Francis affirm that these "blessings" would not have the characteristics of a marriage. This is their "justification" to introduce these scandalous precedents.

Now then, not long after that anti-Catholic permission was given, this priest actually performed a "marriage." Indeed, as we see in the text reproduced below, Fr. Williams declared the two lesbians to be "spouses" and "blessed their rings," which are two ceremonies the Catholic Church reserves for legitimate spouses – a man and a woman – who marry in the Church.

Also, if we compare the photos in the second row below with those in the third and fourth rows, we see that the ceremony was performed in the presbytery of the Church in front of he Novus Ordo altar, the same place where regular Catholic marriages are held.

Yet again we see that the Conciliar Church that issued from Vatican II is the Sodom and Gomorrah Church.

Further, one of the so-called "spouses," the blond woman Kelli Knight, is an effective Methodist pastor who showed no sign of wanting to convert to the Catholic Faith...

To watch the ceremony with sound and captions you may click here.

Below are the words of the ceremony spoken by the priest and the lesbians:

Priest: “This is going to be very short, very brief.”

Priest: “Kelli and Myah, do you freely recommit yourselves to love each other as holy spouses and to live in peace and harmony together forever?”

Lesbians: “We do, I do.”

Priest: “Loving God, increase and consecrate the love which Kelli and Myah have for one another.”

Priest: “The rings they have exchanged are the sign of their fidelity and commitment. May they continue to prosper in Your grace and blessing. We ask this through Christ Our Lord.”

Lesbian marriage Chicago 2Lesbian marriage Chicago 3

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Posted May 12, 2024


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