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Rainbow Hearts at Marian shrine 01

Catholic Conservation

Homosexual Love, Symbolized at Marian Shrine
Beauraing in Belgium is one of the main Marian shrines of the country, famous for the apparitions of Our Lady that took place there in 1932-33. In the photo above, you are seeing a charismatic Mass at the sanctuary of that center of pilgrimage.

Two large rainbow hearts are displayed in front of the altar. Since the heart is a well-known symbol of love and the rainbow, a recognized symbol of the homosexuals, one is normally led to conclude that they represent homosexual love. Are the two hearts symbols of the two types of homosexual relationships? Then, what is the significance of the holes inside the hearts? The answers are open to speculation.

This Mass took place in September 2007. The woman giving the sermon at the Mass is a nun from the Community of the Source. Her "sermon" promoted closer relations between the Catholic Church and Judaism. At the same time, she spoke against the vocation of the two Ratisbonne brothers, who were founders of the Congregation of Zion for the conversion of the Jews.

Masses like this are allowed to be said by the Bishop of Namur, Andre Mutien Leonard, under whose jurisdiction Beauraing falls.

Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted March 22, 2009

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