Homosexuality and the Clergy
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Hierarchy Urges Soft Pastoral Approach
to Homosexuals

Randy Engel

“American Bishops Vote Down Proposals for ‘Gay’ Pastoral/Ministry Guidelines and Funding for New John Jay Report.”

If these are the headlines you want to read on the front page of The Washington Post on November 16, 2006 – ACT NOW! Urge your bishop to vote “NO” on Ministry to Persons With a Homosexual Inclination: Guidelines for Pastoral Care and Vote “NO” on the new John Jay Study on Clerical Sexual Abuse.

The vote will take place at the November 13-16, 2006 fall meeting of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) to be held at the Baltimore Marriott Waterfront, 700 Aliceanna Street, Baltimore, MD 21202 Phone: 303-433-0126. Letters, phone calls and faxes urging a “NO” vote on these two important agenda items are needed both before your bishop leaves his diocese for Baltimore and after he arrives at the hotel.

Section I -    The Guidelines on Pastoral Care of Homosexuals

The USCCB Committee on Doctrine began work on the Guidelines in the fall of 2002. Drafts of the 23-page document were later circulated to members of the Committees for Canonical Affairs, Catechesis, Marriage and Family, and Pastoral Practices.

A pastoral approach to gay ministries

The Guidelines urge a pastoral approach to gays and ministry for their so-called families
This is not the first time the American bishops have addressed the issue of special ministries and pastoral care for homosexuals. On September 30, 1997, the Administrative Committee of the NCCB approved the pro-homosexual statement Always Our Children that was released by the Committee on Marriage and Family without a formal vote by the entire hierarchical body. By the time the bishops arrived that November for their annual meeting in Washington, D.C., the document was a fait accompli. Only later did the news leak out that three homosexual clerics had participated in the drafting of the statement that was championed by the late Joseph Cardinal Bernardin of Chicago.

  • 'gay' ministries such as the NACDLGM (National Association of Catholic Diocesan Lesbian and Gay Ministries), New Ways Ministry, Dignity, and non-medically-based “AIDS ministries” have been operational at the national and diocesan levels of the American Church for several decades now with uniformly disastrous results

  • 'gay' ministries transform parishes into political and propaganda cells for 'gay' activism.

  • 'gay' ministries discourage the individual homosexual from breaking with the Homosexual Collective that frowns upon “defectors.”

  • 'gay' ministries recruit - like the Army – especially among vulnerable youth.

  • 'gay' ministries plunder parish resources – financial and otherwise.

  • 'gay' ministries undermine authentic Church teachings on Faith and morals.

  • 'gay' ministries systematically strip parishioners of every vestige of natural revulsion that the normal person experiences when initially confronted by sexual perversion.

The bishops should be discussing ways to eliminate these 'gay' ministries not perpetuate them.

Diocesan chapters of Courage and Encourage can serve homosexuals and other sexual addicts who seek to extricate themselves from the Collective and live a holy and chaste life. NARTH (National Association for Research and Therapy) and the Catholic Medical Association should be brought in to advise the bishops, the USCCB staff, and diocesan priests and religious on the latest advances in therapy for sexual disorders of which the drafters of the document obviously are woefully ignorant.

Guidelines pander to the forces of organized perversion

The Guidelines, as written, are fundamentally flawed and dishonest - beginning with the very title - Ministry to Persons With a Homosexual Inclination: Guidelines for Pastoral Care

A provision approves baptism for children adopted by homosexual couples

One provision is approval for baptism of children adopted by same-sex couples
'Gay' church ministries are “inclusive.” Thus the title should read – “Ministry to Persons With a Homosexual or Lesbian or Bi-Sexual or Transsexual or Transgender or Transvestite or Intersexual or Pederast or Sado/Masochist/Bondage/Domination, Kink, or Whatever Inclination (s): Guidelines for Pastoral Care.”

Despite a veneer of God-language, Gayspeak is the language of the Guidelines.

The same forces of organized perversion that produced the “sin” of “homophobia,” have expanded their phobia list to include the “sin” of “transphobia,” meaning “an inordinate fear of transexual and transgender persons, along with “erotophobia,” defined as “society’s prejudice and fear of childhood eroticism that deprives the child of sex by limiting adult access to children as sexual beings.”

The bishops need to be reminded that homosexuals are not the only group of sexual perverts who have organized to defend their “right” to act out and to stake a claim that their particular brand of perversion and accompanying “spirituality” be acknowledged by the Church and society as a positive good and a liberating variation on human sexuality.

The Guidelines are replete with 'gay' myths
"The Church teaches that persons with a homosexual inclination must be accepted with respect, compassion and sensitivity. We recognize that such persons have been, and often continue to be, objects of scorn, hatred, and even violence in some sectors of our society. Sometimes this hatred is manifested clearly; other times, it is masked and gives rise to more disguised forms of hatred. It is deplorable that homosexual persons have been and are the object of violent malice in speech and action. Such treatment deserves condemnation from the Church's pastors whenever it occurs.

"Those who would minister in the name of the Church must in no way contribute to such injustice. They should prayerfully examine their own hearts in order to discern any thoughts or feelings that might stand in need of purification. Those who minister are also called to their own ongoing conversion. In fact, the work of spreading the Good News involves an ever-increasing love for those to whom one is ministering."     (Guidelines, p.20)
The hard truth about the genesis of homosexual violence is that it is largely self-inflicted.

Perversity flaunted in a gay parade, San Francisco

Homosexuals flaunt their perverse behaviors at the San Francisco 'Gay Pride' parade 2006
Domestic violence, that is, violence between homosexuals, is the primary source of violence in same-sex relationships. Homosexuals engage in a wide range of anti-social behaviors including, rampant promiscuity, illicit drug use, the use of sadomasochist pornography to fuel perverse patterns of habituated self-abuse, and the solicitation of prostitutes – all of which fan the fires of violence. Organized crime plays an important role in the life of the Homosexual Collective. Blackmail and extortion threats continue to be associated with homosexual activity.

Further, internal violence within homosexual environments has been fanned by the transformation of the model 'gay' man from “swish” to “macho.”

It is no coincidence that pseudo-Catholic Dignity, which maintains close contact with the USCCB staffers, has spawned “Defenders of Dignity” dedicated to the integration of “Leather sexuality with the Christian sado/masochist/bondage/dominance community.” Defenders claim that the “leather experience” can “produce a richer spirituality for us and the Church.” ...

Murders of homosexuals by homosexuals or hired prostitutes, and murders of non-homosexuals by homosexuals are often marked by “overkill” and mutilation. The murder of 4-year-old Jandre Botha who was beaten to death by his mother’s lesbian partner Engeline Nysschen for refusing to call her “daddy” while his mother looked on, and of Mary Stachowiez, a Catholic mother of four who was raped and stabbed to death by an enraged homosexual who objected to her opposition to sodomy, are stories that the secular media has buried, as have the drafters of the Guidelines.

The homosexual environment is one of instability, depravity, drug use, pornography, exposure to AIDS, and moral and spiritual turpitude. Obviously no child should be placed for adoption or foster care with homosexual partners, male and female. The Guidelines do not support adoption by homosexual partners. However, the reference to Church approval of the baptism of children of homosexual partners “where there is well-founded hope that the children will be brought up in the Catholic religion” is based on 'gay' fantasies.

The craven, effeminate language used by the drafters of the USCCB Guidelines as they cower before the Homosexual Collective, especially in this section on 'gay' violence, is an insult to every faithful Catholic priest, religious and laymen. If the bishops are serious about reducing violence within the homosexual anti-culture, they can begin by helping to prevent the vice from taking hold in the first place by supporting strong Catholic family life and by setting an example themselves by living holy and virtuous lives. They must also oppose at every level, secular and religious, the Homosexual Collective that seeks to undermine marriage, family, civilized society and the Catholic faith.

Guidelines hurt chaste homosexuals

A homosexual 'Catholic' demonstration

The Guidelines support Catholic and homosexual and insist on no discrimination

While the Guidelines, as written, are a boon to the Homosexual Collective, they are harmful to the individual homosexual, especially those who want to lead a truly Catholic life. The statement that the homosexual has “no moral obligation to seek therapy” is yet another indication of the pro-'gay' bias of the drafters of the Guidelines and the Committees who approved of them. Ditto for the statement that there is “no scientific consensus on therapy or the cause of homosexuality.” This is an outright lie that further serves to advance the Collective’s “born that way” mantra.

On a purely spiritual level, the Guidelines are deadly. It is a rule of the spiritual life that we must advance or decline. For a homosexual with inordinate and compulsive passions the obligation to seek assistance at every level possible to overcome his unnatural passions and find his way back to wellness and sanctification is self-evident. It does not reflect well on the USCCB that they would even consider a proposal that seeks to confirm a sinner in his sin.

Further, the Guidelines’ teaching that only homosexual acts are always sinful is not Catholic teaching. A person can sin by thought, word and deed. Willfully entertained lustful thoughts including those engendered by looking at 'gay/male' pornography, a common staple of the 'gay' life is a serious sin.

The re-education of the laity

The Guidelines call for a program of re-education whereby the Catholic laity (homosexuals and their inclusive associates excluded) can be cured (purified) of their alleged “homophobic” prejudices and tendencies. The Guidelines urge pastors and laity to welcome homosexuals with open arms and give them active roles in the parish. Experience, prudence and common sense dictate otherwise.

Fr. Tony Vercellones gives communion to a homosexual
Above, Fr. Tony Vercellone gives Communion to a homosexual attending the annual retreat for the Imago Dei in Las Vegas.  Below, Preparing the Imago Dei truck for the Las Vegas 'gay parade'

preparing the Imago Dei truck for a homosexual parade
Unless a homosexual chooses to “out” himself or is exposed as a homosexual as a result of a run-in with the law or a public scandal, the average parishioner is usually unaware that the individual in question suffers from same-sex-attraction or other sexual problems. Every parish has members who suffer from various forms of psychological disorders including homosexuality. Providing that these individuals present no danger to the parish community especially children (i.e., pedophiles, pederasts or exhibitionists), integration into the ordinary life of the parish usually does not pose any special problem. However, given the particular nature of their disorder, it is unwise to give such individuals key roles in the parish, especially if their condition is a matter of public knowledge.

The introduction of 'gay' ministries into a parish is another matter. Experience has shown that once members of organized perversion get a strong hold on any institution, secular or religious, they tend to colonize and metastasize that institution. Since the homosexual anti-culture is closely connected to the seamier side of life, the overall life of the parish suffers. The Guidelines’ undisguised and unbridled enthusiasm for introducing 'gay' ministries into Catholic parishes smacks of over-kill. There is much talk of “pastoral care," but it is obvious that such specialized attention is a one-way street. It is primarily directed at homosexuals not the general welfare of the parish. When parishes are taken over by homosexuals, the faithful will vote with their feet – either they will seek out another parish or march out of the Church altogether.

Section II -    A new John Jay Study on clerical sex abuse

The American bishops will also be casting ballots to release $335,000 of the $1 million earmarked last year for research on the causes and context of sexual abuse by clergy. The total cost of the new three-year study by the John Jay College of Criminal Justice (CYNY) is estimated to be between $2-3 million.

The original John Jay study titled “The Report on the Causes and Context of the Current Crisis in the Catholic Church” was released on February 27, 2004, by Justice Anne M. Burke, chairman of the USCCB National review Board for the Protection of Children and Young People.

Far into the study, on pages 80-83 in a section titled “Special Issues Related to Sexual Orientation,” we read that “the overwhelming majority of reported acts of sexual abuse of minors by male clergy and religious, were boys.” That is, the report reiterated what is known but has never been acknowledged by the USCCB - that “homosexual behavior was characteristic of the vast majority of abuse cases – 81% of the reported victims of Catholic clerical abuse, were boys.”

The report pointed to
  1. the rise of homosexual “sub-cultures” in seminaries, dioceses, and religious in the post-Councilor era of The Second Vatican Council
  2. the contemporary glorification of homosexuality and the organized Homosexual Movement
  3. the acceptance of homosexual candidates for the seminary and the ordination of known homosexuals to the priesthood and
  4. the corresponding failure of bishops and religious superiors to promptly carry out disciplinary action against the offending conduct, as contributing factors to clerical sex abuse.
One of the major flaws in the study was that the data on clerical sex abuse by priests, religious and deacons was self-reported (and under-reported) by Catholic dioceses and religious orders.

Bishop Gregory offered false assurances
After receiving the first John Jay report, Bishop Gregory falsely assured us that no known offenders were in ministry
Only minors were included in the study. The report did not include the sexual abuse of dependent adults such as mentally retarded men and woman or the abuse of power involved when homosexual bishops and cardinals violate their vows and sexually seduce seminarians under their protective care.

Female religious orders were not surveyed. Sexual abuse by lesbian nuns against feales was not addressed. In fact, the bishops have yet to address the “delicate” issue of moral turpitude in female religious orders and the role played by American nuns in the promotion of the homosexual agenda in the Church..

Another major flaw of the original John Jay Report was that the issue of clerical sex abuse was studied outside the context of the presence of a large contingent of American homosexual Bishops and Cardinals in the American Church. The axiom that one does not bite the hand that feeds it is operative here.

Among the most dangerous recommendations to the USCCB found in the original John Jay Study was the development of special “(sex) educational” programs for kindergarten children upwards as a “solution to sex abuse.”

These so-called “safe-environment” programs have become scandals in themselves. Not only do these (sex) “education” programs violate the rights of parents, but they have been shown to be harmful to young children. Their over-all effect has been to penalize potential victims, i.e., young children, and their families, not criminal clerical abusers, and those in Church authority, who protect them.

New John Jay study a waste of time and money

The new John Jay study is expected to examine three specific areas related to clerical sexual abuse:
  • An historical overview of the problem of clerical sex abuse.

  • An analysis of the temporal, structural, and leadership factors within the Catholic Church that framed the response of individual dioceses to the problem of criminal, predatory unchaste clerical pederasts.

  • An examination of the clinical and psychological aspects of pederasty, in general, and clerical pederasty, in particular.

According to the USCCB Office of Media Relations, the drafters of the John Jay proposal claim that “the Church is funding a study of ground-breaking significance in the field of research into sexual abuse of children,” and “will have historical significance for the Church itself.” This scenario is largely wishful thinking.

The heart of the pederasty scandal in the Church is the rise of the Homosexual Collective within the hierarchy. Homosexual Cardinals and Bishops play a significant role in the sodomite underworld in the American Church and in the overworld that protects themselves and homosexual/pederast priests, religious and deacons. The noose is further tightened by the historical connections between the USCCB, formerly the National Conference of Catholic Bishops/United States Catholic Conference and the secular Homosexual Collective.

No “study” funded by the USCCB is going to change this reality. This is a Herculean task that only the Vicar of Christ himself can successfully address.

See part two of this article:
Life and Death in a 'Gay' Parish

Randy Engel is Director of U.S. Coalition for Life
This article was first posted on its website on November 8, 2006

For an extensive background on this topic, see Engel's book
The Rite of Sodomy: Homosexuality and the Roman Catholic Church

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Posted November 13, 2006

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