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NEWS: January 1, 2024
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Bird’s Eye View of the News

Atila Sinke Guimarães
THE FATAL MOCKERY OF FIDUCIA SUPPLICANS The document of the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith – CDF – issued on December 18, 2023, has caused a seaquake with still unfolding tsunamis. To offer my reader an overview on the topic, I will divide this article into three parts: 1. An analysis of the text of Fiducia supplicans; 2. The overt opposition of many episcopates to its text and norms; 3. An impressive prediction that this would occur and the consequences it would have.

1. Analysis of Fiducia supplicans – FS

While reading FS, which enjoys the full approval of the Pope, I found evidence of a tactic habitually used by Francis, but never with the clarity employed here. The tactic is that of affirming in writing precisely the opposite of what the Pope – in this case Card. Fernandez who signed the document – actually does in practice. Two cases in point are:
  1. The Legitimization of homo couples

    Pagan idols destroyed

    St. Jerome & St. Bonaventure: All homosexuals died & all idols were destroyed at Christ’s Birth

    1. The facts – When FS officially declares to all Catholics that priests can bless homosexual couples, it gives these couples a public recognition that they have never had before in the Catholic Church since her institution 2,000 years ago by Our Lord Jesus Christ. In common language, we say that the CDF is giving the “right of citizenship” to such shameful couples. This public acknowledgement is equivalent to a legitimization.

    2. The words – When we go to FS, we realize the words say exactly the opposite of what is actually taking place. Indeed, the following texts are very expressive in this regard:

      • In the Presentation of FS Card. Fernandez affirms: “It is precisely in this context that one can understand the possibility of blessing couples in irregular situations and same sex couples without officially validating their status or changing in any way the Church’s perennial teaching on marriage.”

      • In § 34 FS makes this attempt to justify blessing homo couples: “How often, through a pastor’s simple blessing, which does not to sanction or legitimize anything, can people experience the nearness of the Father ...?”

      • In § 40, addressing the blessings of homo couples, FS states: “Such blessings may instead find its place in other contexts, such as a visit to a shrine, a meeting with a priest … Indeed, through these blessings that are given not through ritual forms … there is no intention to legitimize anything, but rather to open one’s life to God …”

    3. Conclusion – Card. Fernandez adopts the tactic of affirming in the text of FS exactly the opposite of what he is doing in practice. He writes that he does not want to legitimize homosexual couples, but his document was issued to give the situation of these couples what is equivalent to a legitimization.

  2. The scandal of promoting homosexuality

    1. The facts – Every Catholic knows that homosexuality is a sin against nature that cries out to Heaven for vengeance. Now then, to promote homosexuality is to give scandal. Scandal is that which by its example induces one’s neighbor to sin. There are various degrees of promoting homosexuality which is tantamount to saying that are various degrees of such a scandal. From least to greatest, they are:

      Sodoma being  destroyed

      Sodom being destroyed by fire from Heaven

      • To accept a hidden homosexual whose sin accidentally became public;

      • To accept homosexuals who publicly present themselves as such;

      • To accept homosexuals who live together as husband and wife, which means that they defy the order of nature and pretend that their monstrous sin is as normal as a marriage between a man and a woman;

      • To bless these so-called couples, an act which implies that this sin is not against nature, that God is indifferent to it, and that the previous bi-millennial teachings of Catholic Church were wrong.

      All these degrees of acceptation are invitations for Catholics to consider it normal to be a homosexual; consequently, it removes the barriers for one to fall in this sin.

      Now then, by recommending the clergy to bless homo couples FS is promoting all these degrees of scandal, which is per se one scandal multiplied by another.

    2. The words – Nonetheless, in opposition to what FS does in practice, its text states that the blessings of homosexual couples should avoid scandal…

      • § 30 reads: “The popular understanding of blessings, however, also values the importance of descending blessings. While ‘it is appropriate for a Diocese … to constantly and officially establish procedures or rituals for all kinds of matters,’ pastoral prudence and wisdom – avoiding all serious forms of scandal and confusion among the faithful – may suggest that the ordained minister join in the prayer of those persons who, although in a union that cannot be compared in any way to the marriage, desire to entrust themselves to the Lord and his mercy, to invoke his help and to be guided to a greater understanding of his plan of love and of truth.”

      • Also, § 39 restates that scandal be avoided: “In any case, precisely to avoid any form of confusion or scandal …”

    3. Conclusion – As in the previous case, here again Fernandez affirms in the text exactly the opposite of what he does in practice: He gives scandal and creates confusion, but in the text he recommends avoiding scandal and not creating confusion.
Francis and Fernandez

Francis & Fernandez mock logic & abuse their authority to promote a moral abomination

I believe that in these two cases – I could add several others to them – Francis and Fernandez go beyond the “Jesuit dialectic,” that is, a Hegelian dialectic according to which one truth (the thesis) is denied from another (the antithesis) to generate a final one (the synthesis); Francis and Fernandez go beyond the habitual trick of admitting dogmatic principles but denying them in practice under the pretext they are “pastoral” applications; Francis and Fernandez go beyond the distinctions between objective versus subjective truths to promote the error.

Here we are witnessing a situation of surrealistic shamelessness in which both Francis and Fernandez condemn in writing exactly what they are doing when they issued Fiducia supplicans. They are mocking logic and laughing at the principle of contradiction, which affirms that a thing cannot be and not be at the same time.

FS is a public outrage to human rationality, making an unheard-of abuse of authority that reaches the level of debauchery in order to promote and legitimate a moral abomination.

2. The opposition of countless Episcopates to FS

From the 14 days that have passed since the launching of Fiducia supplicans until today – January 1, 2024 – many Episcopates have publicly manifested their disagreement with the orientation coming from Francis/Fernandez.

In Africa the Bishops of many countries have taken and open stand against FS. I mention them in the order that they publicly declared opposition against blessing homosexual couples: Malawi, Zambia, Nigeria, Ghana, Rwanda, Cameroon, Zimbabwe, Congo, Angola and St. Thomas, the Ivory Coast, Mozambique, Senegal and Togo. The Conference of African Bishops, which is above the individual countries, issued two documents opposing FS signed by Congolese Card. Fridolin Ambongo.

Hungarian Bishops

Hungarian Bishops led by Card. Peter Erdo, center, rejected Fiducia supplicans

In Europe all of the Bishops of Hungary led by Card. Peter Erdo followed suit. In Ukraine the Bishops of the Catholic Ukrainian Rite, led by Major Archbishop of Kiev Sviatoslav Shevchuk, declared that in their Ukrainian Rite around the world they will not follow FS.

In Asia, Archbishop Tomasz Peta of Astana, Kazakhstan, with his Auxiliary Bishop Schneider have refused to comply with FS and strongly criticized its content.

In Uruguay Card. Daniel Sturla, Archbishop of Montevideo, stated that his clergy will not give the blessing to homo couples recommended by FS.

Ironically, the Schismatic Bishops of Russia – the so-called Orthodox Church – declared that there is no longer a possibility to continue ecumenism with the Vatican given that they do not agree with the terms of FS.

This wave of spontaneous resistance against Fiducia supplicans in only two weeks is already greater than the orchestrated reaction against Humane vitae in 1968.

3. Prediction of these facts 30 years ago

Commenting an article published in The Wanderer on March 24, 1994, by Fr. Jim Galluzzo, reporting the support of the European Parliament for homosexual “marriages,” Prof. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira affirmed:

“We are witnessing the beginning of a methodic work inside the Church and in all sectors of society, that aims not only to promote tolerance, but to legitimize homosexuality, which will please the European Parliament that wants same-sex unions to be recognized as having the same legal effects of marriage.

Plinio Correa de Oliveira

In 1994 Prof. Plinio foresaw a division of the Bishops on the topic of homosexuality

“Considering the heresies that are the most dangerous, most hateful and most distant from Catholic doctrine, we do not find anything more dissonant from Church teaching than this legitimization of homosexuality. It is sneaking in, but see how it is penetrating society: It is not a pamphlet being disseminated by Protestants, but rather by Catholic priests. … It is a work being carried out from top to bottom in the Church by certain authorities that aims to make us forget the traditional doctrine and give homosexuality the right of citizenship in the Holy Church of God.

“A certain moment will come when a manifestation of total disagreement with this action will erupt. Then, we will have an official division inside the Church.

“Someone could object: ‘But if the great majority of the Bishops will be in accord with this position, there will be no division.’

“There is no majority of Bishops that can change Catholic doctrine! This is indisputable, it is in Scriptures, in all the documents of the Magisterium of the Church and in the treatises of all moralists that this [homosexuality] is a sin that cries out to Heaven for vengeance. The result is that there can be no possible accord. Period. The borders are closed, the barriers are raised.

“For this reason, an internal shock will reverberate inside the Church, and this internal shock will produce one of the greatest convulsions in History.”

This is what we are witnessing today after the publication of FS.


Blason de Charlemagne
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