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Francis in Napolitano funeral

Francis attends funeral of communist president

Above, we see Pope Francis on September 24, 2023, attending the funeral of Italian ex-president Giorgio Napolitano, who received State honors at his death.

Napolitano was an atheist, communist and freemason who during his whole life manifested a great aversion to the Catholic Church. He determined that his funeral should be a civil ceremony without any Catholic mark.

By attending Napolitano's funeral and mourning his death, Francis unites with the sentiments of the Grand Lodge of Italy, which displayed flags at half-mast at its national headquarters on Janiculum Hill in Rome as a sign of condolence.

With this new gesture Francis confirms his fame of being a communist Pope and adds to it the suspicion that he is also a freemason.

An expressive gesture, as well, was the fact that in November 2006, under Benedict XVI, the Vatican decided to confer upon Giorgio Napolitano the honor of becoming a Knight of the Order of Pius IX...

Below, some shots of Napolitano posing with the symbol of the Italian Communist Party (Partido Comunista Italiano - PCI).

Giorgio Napolitano, a communist

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Posted October 8, 2023


Blason de Charlemagne
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