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Profanations at WYD 2023

Eucharistic profanations at WYD 2023

The photo above, posted on Instagram by one of the youth pictured in it, shows three grey plastic stackable boxes on the top of a table inside a pop-up canvas tent. On either side of the boxes there is a candle, atop the stack is a small vase with a few cheap flowers. There is no sign inside or outside of the tent indicating to the passerby what those boxes contain.

We are at the WYD-2023 in Lisbon on Saturday, August 5, the vigil of the papal Mass. Those boxes contain the Blessed Sacrament, and this is how a Conciliar Church "chapel" hosts Jesus Christ truly present in the Eucharist.

Was this a proper way to host the God Incarnate, the King of the Kings? No, it was not. The least we can say is that it was a profanation of the Eucharist. It was so shocking that the young American lady in the white dress kneeling in the photo – Savannah Dudzik – became indignant and called her friends to come to adore Our Lord and pray the Rosary in reparation for the blasphemy.

“At that moment I was infuriated: How dare they disrespect Our Lord?" she wrote. "What do they think they are doing – putting Him in a box with almost zero respect… people walking right past not knowing it’s Him at all!”

She went on to describe the ambience around that tent: “There were people smoking right outside the tent, there were girls not wearing shirts, there were girls in bras, I am not talking about crop-tops, I'm talking about bras. It didn’t look great. There were people dancing in circles, chanting, and I’ve heard that the chanting was praise, but there were a lot of things that didn't look Catholic there.”

The same grey boxes were also placed on tables in other tents, below first and second rows.

In yet other tents, third row, the Eucharist was kept inside restaurant style foil-topped serving dishes, lined up on tables like "meals-to-go," another grave profanation.

After the young lady's denunciation went viral on the Internet, the religious authorities were asked about the grey boxes. They admitted that it actually was a mistake to put the large grey boxes on the tables. They should have been under the table and the foil top boxes-to-go should have been displayed on the tables. That was the only error they acknowledged...

Millions of dollars were spent to promote this event and to bring Francis to Lisbon. No money was allocated to honor Our Lord Jesus Christ, Who should be the center of the WYD if it were really Catholic.

Fourth row, the posting of Savannah Dudzik that brought attention to the profanation; fifth row, the ambience of semi-nudism of the WYD in Lisbon, corresponding perfectly to her description.

Profanations at WYD 2023
Photos from the Internet; text partially based on The Pillar article

Posted August 13, 2023


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