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Women carry monstrance in Germany

Women carry Monstrance in German procession

During the Corpus Christi procession at St. Joseph and Medardus Parish in Lüdenscheid in Germany on June 8, 2023, two women carried the Monstrance with the Most Holy Sacrament.

Indeed, we see the two women, Sandra Ostermann, above and three first rows below, and Marita Frauzen, sixth and seventh rows, holding the Monstrance and wearing the humeral cape as if they were ordained deaconesses. The two ladies are part of the parish staff.

Further, Sandra Ostermann made a statement by wearing a scarf with the rainbow colors, as we can clearly see above and in the last row below, sending the message that she is carrying the Monstrance as a supporter of the homosexual cause. It is difficult to imagine that the Pastor did not approve Ostermann's symbolic statement, because she was not the only one to do so. Another lady was also pictured wearing rainbow colors on her liturgical garments, as we can verify in the seventh row when the procession returned to St.. Joseph and Medardus Church.

In the last row is Pastor Claus Optenhöfel.

Does anyone believe that the pastor will be admonished for his bold initiatives?

Women carry monstrance in Germany Women carry monstrance in Germany 3
Photos from St. Medardus parish archive; first seen in Lifesitenews

Posted July 23, 2023


Blason de Charlemagne
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