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Living Together Monastery -1

Monastery for living together

What does the photo above show? Adults in a bar chatting at the end of the day? A meeting of a workers' union discussing plans for their next action? Teachers of a country high school uncertain about how to orient their students?

Any of these hypotheses could be true, but none is correct. You are looking at an end-of-day relaxed meeting in a new type of monastery in Germany where monks and nuns live together. They also open their monastery to men and women of any religious denomination, inviting them to spend some time or days with them.

Indeed, for 30 years a Capuchin monastery in Stühlingen, Germany, has razed the boundaries between religious men and women. The monks and nuns live together, eat together, work together, pray together and offer "retreats" together.

These "retreats" are not meant to convert the participants to the Catholic Faith or to help Catholics become holier; rather, the aim is help you to be "one with yourself." The monks and nuns have no intention to be missionaries. They leave each person to himself to find his own type of peace of soul.

All they ask is an "openness to the Christian Faith." It does not matter to which religion or philosophy one adheres. The most important thing for this new brand of monks and nuns is for the participant to discover the importance of silence, peace and work.

As the reader knows, for the Conciliar Church there is no Original Sin, so monks and nuns can sleep under the same roof without any attraction to commit sins related to the flesh... Vigilance regarding this danger was an obsolete idea spread by the Catholic Church for almost two millennia, according to the progressivist mentality that prevails today. It ended when Vatican II introduced us to the Theology of Love and Mercy that forgives everything...

Can we even be certain that the Ten Commandments are still in force, and not being recycled into new ecological precepts?

Living Together Monastery -2\
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Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted September 22, 2019

Our Lady of Good Success weeping

Our Lady of La Salette,
 restore the Holy Church.