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Fraternity of Tiberiade 01

Charismatic dual sex monastery in Belgium
In Naumur county, Belgium, a charismatic religious institution was founded years ago called the Fraternity of Tiberiade. It attracts youth of both sexes who live together although they sleep in different buildings. Above, you see some nuns performing a "dance of Israel" as a part of their morning schedule.

Since they wear habits, some people call them "conservative," but their lifestyle completely ignores the militant aspect of the Church and seeks only "love and peace," a kind of hippy approach. Hence the perpetual foolish smiles of the members.

Below first and second row, you see both monks and nuns traveling together, working in the fields together, playing music at Mass together, and performing theater together.

In the third row left is the founder of the movement, Brother Marc, saying a Eastern Mass and holding a sheep while the audience sits on the floor in WYD fashion. At right, a typical outdoor liturgy with guitars draws the lay people into the monk-nun dances.

Fourth row left, a full immersion baptism of a bare torso catechumen; at right, the whole community hold hands together at the moment of the consecration at the Mass to show that "they are all priests," following the progressivist thesis.

These pictures present us a good example of the "conservative" Mass and religious lifestyle to which Benedict XVI seems to be orienting his "reform of the reform."
Fraternity of Tiberiade 02

Fraternity of Tiberiade 03

Photos from Tiberiade website

Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted May 29, 2011

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