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Mystic-communist trial balloon in Italy
In Sezano, Italy, an old monastery of the Order of Mount Olivet - a branch of the Benedictine Order - that passed to the Stigmatine Priests, was transformed into the Monastery of Common Good in 2001. The Stigmatines also established a University of Common Good there. To this day both institutions are working at full steam.

The principal goals of these "multi-ethical" and "multi-religious" institutions are to fight for two new “human rights”: Everyone has the right to education and the right to water. These two apparently innocuous objectives, however, are used to fuel the fire of Liberation Theology, which understands the “right to water” as a tool to take over private properties with natural sources of waters. It also promotes protests and demonstrations against companies who sell mineral water.

The “right to education” is understood as the need to teach people how to “live in common,” that is, how to renounce any desire for property - either material or spiritual. Feminism and ecology also make up part of the program promoted by both organizations, which are open to the public.

In parallel they promote inter-religious dances where Catholics interact with voodoo and esoteric performers, above, and inter-religious discussion and meditation sessions, below first row. In the last row, you see a class of “spontaneous dancing” that prepares group members to perform in the official ceremonies.

It was in the Chapel of this Monastery that a nude statue of Our Lady was exposed.

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Monastero del Bene Comune

Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted March 13, 2011

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Our Lady of La Salette,
restore the Holy Church

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