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Marked feminine participation at the Papal Mass in Birmingham
On September 19, 2010, at the Mass of John Henry Newman's beatification said in Cofton Park, Birmingham, Benedict XVI chose to have a significant display of women participating in that religious ceremony. Indeed, we can witness the presence of three altar girls, one is seen above, third from the left, when he arrived for the celebration. Another, first row below at left, is assisting the Archbishop of Birmingham, and the other is carrying the crossier, center and right. It is the first time in History that a Pope has had female acolytes for a Mass.

Further feminine presence was marked by the wife of Deacon Jack Sullivan carrying a reliquary, below second row left, and two sisters who were selected to greet Benedict at the ceremony, at right; another lady with whom he exchanged tender salutations, third row, and the English lay woman invited to read at the Mass, last row.

If we add to this the consideration Benedict showed for an Anglican priestess on September 17, we see that this papal visit signaled a green light for women's presence to increase in the Church, at any level.

Altar girls  Papal Mass Birmingham 02

Women participating at papal Mass Birmingham


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted September 26, 2010

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Our Lady of La Salette,
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