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The Elvis Presley Priest in front of his crowd

Brazilian priest imitates Elvis Presley to attractan audience

Here we witness one more example of Brazilian rock singer-priests who make a syncretism between the Catholic Mass and a rock show in order to attract a public that is increasingly adverse to the Novus Ordo Masses.

The so-called Catholic Charismatic Movement or Catholic Pentecostal Movement, which entered the limelight after Vatican II, already constituted a syncretism between Catholicism and Protestant Pentecostalism in order to attract a public that was not interested in the New Mass.

The next step was the attempt to mix religion with show business, importing elements of the rock music, television, cinema and circus shows to the Catholic Masses so that the Conciliar Church would not have to recognize that its "modernicities" did not interest Catholics.

The Brazilian public, which is particularly sensitive to entertainment shows, has accepted the introduction of these rock singer-priests. The considerable audiences they attract do not realize that they are not going to church to worship God but to enjoy an entertainment show. The first such rocker priest was Fr. Marcelo Rossi; the second was Fr. Fabio de Melo; the third is Fr. Marcos Pires whose pictures you see on this page.

Fr. Pires is the pastor of Most Holy Trinity parish in a neighborhood of São Paulo. Before his Masses he sings six "religious" rock songs. He sings, jumps up and down and runs onstage encouraging the audience to follow him. After the show is over, the Mass starts...

We see, then, a mixture of Catholicism, Protestantism and show business. An ensemble in which the true Catholic Faith is hardly recognizable.

These attempts are nothing but a manifestation of human respect, where priests deny the genuine Catholic Faith in order to please the world. Before Vatican II the Catholic Church never needed to imitate the world to have an audience.

A video of Fr. Marcos Pires' interview with Veja magazine is available here.

Different photos of the Elvis priestThe crowds attending the rock mass

Photos from video by Veja & Internet


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted July 26, 2015

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