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Church Carnival in Bruchsal 01

 2012 Carnival Mass in Bruchsal

Above you see the beginning of a Mass said by Fr. Jörg Sieger - with two altar gilrs - at St. Peter Church in the city of Bruchsal, Germany. The church is under the authority of Archbishop Robert Zollitsch of Freiburg.

With due authorization, Fr. Sieger is celebrating 2012 Carnival during Mass. To animate the ceremony, he invited a large band disguised in Arabian-style turquoise and yellow costumes, their faces painted and some performers with blue hair. The band loudly played a repertoire of sambas and other carnival music - also unfitting for a sacred building. The congregation was supposed to join in and sing the lyrics, but  footage of the Mass shows just the Pastor and some few parishioners actually doing so.

Below first row, the Pastor stops the Mass and encourages the band to perform; second and third rows, close-ups of members in the band; fourth row, the altar girls make a tour around the altar to reaffirm their presence.

In the fifth row we see two of the performers reading parts of the Mass at the podium; sixth row, Fr. Siegel singing the lyrics of a Carnival song; last row, the band marching out of church as the Mass ends

There is no doubt that we must offer much reparation to Our Lord and Our Lady for the growing number of desecrations of the Mass and the churches.

For the 45 minute video of the ceremony, click here.

Church Carnival in Bruchsal 02 Church Carnival in Bruchsal 03

Photo from video

Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted March 25, 2012

Our Lady of La Salette,
 restore the Holy Church

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