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Carnival Mass in Wurzburg

Carnival Mass in Wurzburg
At St. Augustine Church in Wurzburg, Germany, Fr. Thomas Eschenbacher celebrates a Carnival Mass with the full approval of Bishop Friedhelm Hofmann. Above, he appears between two youths in joyful attire.

Below first row, the opening procession allows attendees to appreciate the different Mardi Gras costumes. In the second row, one sees Fr. Thomas wearing a rainbow stole; in the third row he and a female clown proclaim in unison some lines from his sermon.

In the fourth row, the band 1+1 performs during Mass; in the fifth row, Fr. Thomas dances with the clown and some parishioners, and finally, the whole affair ends with general applause, sixth row.

Undoubtedly ceremonies like this constitute an efficient way to deviate attention from the Holy Mass as a renewal of the Sacrifice of Calvary. One should not forget that the Protestants consider mass as a festivity, not a sacrifice. Aren't these increasingly numerous clownish Masses preparing Catholics to accept that interpretation? Once again, Progressivism adulterates the most important act of worship of the Catholic Church to make it palatable to Protestantism.

Carnival Mass in Wurzburg 03a

Carnival Mass in Wurzburg 08a

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Posted February 7, 2010

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