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Cardianl Karl Lehmann dressed as a renaissance page     Card. Lehman dressed as a page reading from a book

The Cardinal fool

January, 2006 - Dressed as a medieval page, Cardinal Karl Lehmann, president of the German Bishop's Conference and strong supporter of Benedict XVI, enters the stage of the Carnival Club in Aachen, Germany, as the fool of the year 2005, above left.

In the "ceremony" to follow he will transmit the title to the new chosen fool. In his farewell address, Lehmann reads some verses, above right.

Then, he delivers a joke-speech welcoming the chosen fool of 2006, German politician Friedrich Merz, dressed as a physician, below first row right. The entire pantomime takes places under the surveillance of the Devil, who stands in the background.

Below second row, in a general permissive atmosphere, dancing girls in immodest clothing and postures cheer the Cardinal to the songs "We will rock you" and "Mud in your face."

Third row, a close-up of the 2005 fool's festivity.

Cardinal Lehman performing at the fool of the year event     The devil in the background of the Fool of the year event

Immodest dancing girls at the Aachen Carnical CLub

Lehman at the fool of the year festivities

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Posted October 22, 2006

Tradition in Action

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Tradition in Action

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