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Radio Cristiandad, Argentina
The skimboard surfing priest of Bordeaux
He is a Dominican priest, a professor of philosophy... and a skimboard surfer. For those who don't know what this is, skimboarding is to surf in shallow waters. He is part of St. Paul Monastery in Bordeaux, France. His name is Paul-Marie Cathelinais and he is 35 years old. Every Monday he sets aside his habit, dons his shorts, grabs his skimboard and heads for Cap-Ferret, "one of the most beautiful places in France," he affirms, to lose himself for the day in his preferred sport.

When he took his vows, he gave up this entertainment. But after years of boring monastery life he returned to it. Did his superiors complain? Don't worry, Fr. Cathelinais enjoys their complete approval. He is so secure of this support that he not only boasts everywhere that he engages in this sport, but he is even trying to attract sponsors in the skimboarding industry to assist him financially.

It is not only in California that we have surfing priests... the influence of Vatican II is everywhere.

Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted August 22, 2010

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