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Boxing Priest

An Italian Boxing Priest
His name is Fr. Massimiliano Pusceddu. He is the parish priest of the small town of Vallermosa, 2,000 inhabitants, on the Island of Sardinia, Italy. He is also a part-time boxer, known as Don Max.

The Bishop of Cagliari, Giuseppe Mari, approves Fr. Massimiliano's "apostolate." Indeed, he says: "People don't come to the parish. You must seek them in the streets." Using this same rationale, progressivists have gone to night clubs and discotheques to "bring Christ" to that people. We have seen the results: the night clubs remain the same; instead, their atmosphere invades the churches.

Here we have a priest who practices boxing, a violent sport quite incompatible with his elevated mission, which is to consecrate the bread and wine into the Flesh and Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Those same hands that during one part of the day celebrate the Mass and minister the Sacraments, at other times are used to punch the face of his neighbor...

Below first row, Fr. Puscenddu exercising in the local gymnasium; second row, he waves and enters the ring; third row at right, during a round; fourth row, celebrating Mass.
Boxing Priest

Boxing Priest

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Posted June 15, 2008

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