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An obscene dance during the consecration at mass

An immoral circus Mass in France

On October 28, 2007, at a Sunday Mass in Sainte Marie Cathedral, the main church of Auch in Southwest France, a circus Mass took place, attended by around 500 persons. The performances included the one shown above, where a group of 10 teenage girls formed a circle, joined arms and each girl raised one leg high in the air. In this open-leg position they leaned back, assuming a pose of ecstasy in front of the altar, at the very moment when the priest pronounced the Consecration of the Sacred Species.

Below, first row, a few moments before, one can distinguish more details of this immoral pose. Second and fourth row, other youth hold up partners of the opposite sex by their thighs. They carry candles to illuminate the reading of the Gospel...

The celebrant was Fr. David Cenzoni, rector of the Cathedral, and the circus act enjoyed the due permission and warm support of Archbishop Maurice Grades of Auch.

This Mass was broadcasted by France 2, a French television station, and the performers belonged to the group Pop Circus. An estimated one million French tele-spectators watched the circus Mass on November 1, 2007. The photos were taken from France 2 footage and reproduced by Catholic Church Conservation website.

A DVD of this event can be purchased at:
Librairie Le Soleil et la Source
Cathedral Sainte Marie, Auch, Gers - France

Liturgical dancing during mass

partners of opposite sexes holding candles being held up by their thighs at mass

Inappropriate candle holders during the sermon

Photos from France 2 TV

Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted February 3, 2008

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