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Fr. Guy Gilbert

The priest of delinquents concelebrates a picnic Mass
Above you are looking at a Mass being concelebrated at a picnic in France. The two men seated on the ground as they pronounce the formula of the Consecration are Bishop Norbert Henri Turini of Cahors, France, and Fr. Guy Gilbert, who is called the Priest of Delinquents for his work with criminal youth.

In the first and second row below, you can observe both Bishop and priest during their blasphemous Mass, offering the Body and Blood of the Savior for the persons who are attending.

In the third row center, Fr. Gilbert wears his trademark motorcycle outfit; in the photos to its left and right, he receives the support of both Benedict XVI in 2007, and John Paul II in 2004.

Those who imagine that the Conciliar Popes are against such excesses should rethink their appraisals.
Fr. Gilbert Picnic Mass / Papal visits

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Posted January 18, 2009

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