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Youth Mass Vienna

Catholic Church Conservation

A Man and a Woman Lying on an Altar in Vienna
At a Youth Mass said in Vienna in mid-January 2008, Fr. Gregor Jansen projects pictures on a screen set-up to give the impression that a couple is laying on the Altar.

We wonder whether this is the first step of much worse - a real couple performing sexual acts on the altar. This is far from impossible, although to many it may appear so. Indeed, there are progressivist theologians who defend that the two first Persons of the Holy Trinity commonly have sexual relations. They consider the Trinity as being the Father, Mother and Holy Spirit (not like we Catholics who know the Trinity is the Father, Son and Holy Ghost). That sexual act, called "the trinitarian amoration," would be the Holy Spirit and the highest reflection of divinity. Some have even suggested that such act should be represented on the altar.

Let us pray that we do not have to witness this extreme of blasphemy and heresy.

At any rate, to project a couple lying on the Altar like this has many sexual innuendos that are quite provocative at a Mass with an "audience" of mixed young people.

Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted September 14, 2008

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