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Catholic prelates wearing yarmulkes being taught by a rabbi

Cardinals and Bishops wear Jewish yarmulkes

At a Jewish-Catholic encounter in New York in March 2006, Cardinals, Bishops and priests visited Yeshiva University, a Jewish institution for the study of the Talmud and the Torah. There they were instructed by rabbis and rabbinic students.

Above, in a circle of Catholic Prelates, most of them wear yarmulkes (Jewish skullcaps also called kippahs). We distinguish Bishop Luis Castillo de Mello and Cardinal Jean-Pierre Ricard listening to the rabbi's lecture. Only the backs of the last two are pictured, showing details of their yarmulkes, which are smaller than their normal zucchetta.

It quite significant that the Successors of the Apostles relinquished their sacred symbols to wear one characteristic of Judaism. Some Catholics, ourselves included, can see in this gesture an expression that those Prelates will do all they can to abolish those truths of the Catholic Creed that displease the Jewish religion. Benedict XVI gave his approval and his blessing to this meeting...

Below, first row, Cardinal Jean-Marie-Lustinger also wearing the yarmulke engages in dialogue with orthodox Jews at Brooklyn.

Below, second row, rabbi Zevulun Charlop presents Cardinal Jean-Marie-Lustiger, still wearing the Jewish kippah, with books at the library of the Yeshiva University.

Catholic prelates being taught by rabbis

rabbi Zevulun Charlop showing Card. Jean-Marie-Lustiger the books of the Yeshiva University

Yahad in Unum

Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted February 10, 2008

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