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Bishop Jerome Listecki lighting a menorah

Catholic Bishop celebrates Hanukkah

On December 4, 2007, at the start of the Jewish feast of Hanukkah, Bishop Jerome Listecki, head of the Diocese of La Crosse, Wisconsin, participated in a religious ceremony at the synagogue of his city.

On the occasion he addressed the Jews present saying: “I am here with you this evening as a friend. In that friendship, I share in the confidence that together we might walk in a re-dedication to our freedom and mutual respect directed by the light that guides our path.”

Then, rabbi Saul Prombaum, at left wearing a tie, prayed in Hebrew and English for the light to prevail over darkness. After lighting his candle, he invited Bishop Listecki to light his candle from its flame. The Bishop then proceeded to light the candles of four Menorahs of the synagogue. In the photo Listecki is pictured carrying out this symbolic task.

It seems a double humiliation, first, because it is known that the Jewish feast of Hanukkah was given new emphasis in recent decades to divert attention from the Catholic celebration of Christmas. It starts two days after the beginning of Advent.

Second, for a Catholic Bishop to light the Menorah is a symbolic way to say that the synagogue is the one with the true faith and not the Catholic Church, which is blatantly false.

La Crosse Tribune

Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted January 13, 2008

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