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Will a Pan-American War Explode Next Week?

Synod = Abomination & Betrayal

Hello & Thank you!

Re: Making War against the Militant Mark of the Church

Your portrayal of the abomination & betrayal of those involved with the Synod is accurate.

I feel if the Synod isn't overtly opposed in Catholic spaces, the noisy LGBT crowd will engage its typical marketing ploys to present the Holy Church as the abomination church. Other than Mike Voris' Church Militant crew I know of no one else in the country who is sounding the alarm about how the Synod will harm in America.

Have you received any comments about those who will fight back against the Synod in America?




Valiant Movement of the People


Thanks for your coverage of Brazil’s peoples’ movement against the fraudulent election, which has become a real cry against Communism and the communist Lula. [here, here, here and here]

Here you can see hundreds of thousands STILL in the streets protesting and calling on the military to act. And it looks like the first step of action has been taken.

The army went in to the favelas to take out the communist leaders and organizers (also drug cartel leaders) who were hiding there. These criminals are protected under Lula, who probably receives some of the ‘loot.’

It is a good first step. Let’s pray for this valiant movement of the people who are finally protesting against the communist dictatorship that has been imposed on them for many years. And let’s hope that the movement takes off and spread throughout Latin American and even to our country.

This could well be the most important thing happening in the world right now – and of course the international press is COMPLETELY ignoring it.



The People, En Masse, Are Against Communism

Dear TIA,

I hope you will print this whole article and the videos showing what is happening in Brazil right now AS THE WORLD MEDIA TOTALLY IGNORES the largest protest in history. Millions are still in the streets in support of Bolsonaro. They are passionate, nonviolent and insistent: No more Lula, no more Communism.

What started as a protest against the fraudulent election to put the criminal Lula back in office has become an ideological protest against Communism. The hand of Our Lady is there, I believe, and that is why the world press is so silent. This movement is NOT part of the Reset and violates the plans of the Secret Forces.

What will happen? It looks like something big is brewing from this very recent report.

Let’s help to make this massive movement known everywhere, and then copied in every country in the world, including our own! To the streets, people, to peacefully but forcefully protest fraudulent elections and the imposition of communist/socialist leaders who are bent on following the agenda leading to the New World Order and smashing everything Catholic, moral and good.



Overview Video on Brazil

Hello TIA,

I recently received a video [see below] that I want to share with you. It is an overview of the situation in Brazil that will explain a lot to Americans. It tells what is going on there; it also explains a lot about what happened here in our 2020 fraudulent election. Why we didn't act like the Brazilians are acting is another story.

Actually, we did act, but were betrayed on January 6. So, people became cautious and stepped back. Perhaps they will recover their courage seeing what our brothers on the South are doing with great success.

     Keep up the good work.



Is a Pan-American War on the Brink of Exploding?

Dear TIA,

The situation in Brazil is quickly evolving into a Pan-American war. Let me connect the dots.

The last presidential election – whose results gave a less than 2% point victory to Lula da Silva – has been enormously contested by the people. Unbelievably large multitudes are filling the squares and streets in front of the military headquarters in all the cities, towns and villages of the country. The people are asking for the Armed Forces to intervene and prevent the fraudulent candidate from taking office.

There are two ceremonies involved to make the new president official: On December 16 the victor receives a diploma declaring he is president (this ceremony has been moved up to December 12 this year to hasten the installation of Lula); on January 1 he is officially inaugurated, and receives the presidential sash and takes the oath.

Everyone is expecting that something will happen in Brazil due to the demonstrations and protests before Lula receives the diploma.

Now then, many countries that border Brazil have communist presidents who, like Lula, were also most probably elected fraudulently. These countries represent a threat to Brazil because they could well invade Brazil under the pretext of protecting the "democratic" election systems.

These bordering countries are, from the top of the map to the bottom: Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, Bolívia and Argentina.

If such an invasion takes place a Pan-American War starts.

For these countries the pretext of supporting Lula would be just a façade. Their real reason to invade would be to take Amazonia from Brazil, which the oligarchy that controls the world wants to internationalize.

But here comes a datum that must be taken into consideration: Part of the territory of France is the French Guyana, which also borders Brazil. Now then, Macron recently went to South America and visited Venezuela and Brazil where he met the representatives of the Foro de São Paulo, which is the institution that is behind making almost all those communist presidents on the Continent.

Macron is also a vocal advocate of the internationalization of the Amazonia.

What would be the position of Macron/France in a possible invasion of Brazil? Was this topic on his agenda during his last visit? We don’t know. What we know is that if France stands behind this possible invasion, the Pan-American War easily slides into a Transatlantic War.

Let us not forget that during his campaign Biden sent a threat to Bolsonaro that if he won, he would send American troops to support the internationalization of Amazon.

This scenario would explain three questions very well:
  1. Why has Bolsonaro taken no political action so far? He could invoke article 142 of the Constitution, declare a state of emergency or state of defense, annul the election, close the Supreme Court – which is the focus of all the political/juridical corruption – and ask the help of the military to maintain order, but he has remained silent and inactive so far.

  2. Why are the military being mobilized, with heavy armed vehicles and many troops being sent to the Brazilian borders and strategic points in the cities?

  3. Why are elite troops suddenly taking out leaders of organized crime and communist cells?
The answers would be:
  1. The longer the silence and inaction, the more time the Brazilian armed forces have to reinforce the country’s borders.

  2. The first part of the question 2 is answered in answer 1 above. The response to the second part is that the communist cells and organized crime leaders have threatened Bolsonaro, saying that if Lula is not inaugurated, they will attack the civil population. So, areas where large amount of people normally gather are being particularly protected.

  3. The elite troops are acting to prevent the internal enemy from installing themselves inside the cities to potentially harm the people and establish urban guerilla forces as they did in Ecuador, Chile and Colombia two years ago. This preventive action also prepares Brazil to resist the possible invasion on various fronts without having to also combat an internal enemy.
This is my take on the situation. This message tries to open the eyes of Americans to the gravity of the situation and to explain to Brazilians that the closer to December 12 the action is taken, the better the chances for a victory of the Brazilian people + Armed Forces + Bolsonaro.

     In Jesu et Maria,



Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted December 6, 2022

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