NEWS: August 28, 2019
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Bird’s Eye View of the News

Atila Sinke Guimarães
THE POPE & THE AAA CORRIDOR - A friend sent me an article he recently found in a Brazilian website of uncensored free-lancers. The article was posted in Portuguese by an anonymous author. It seemed to me well-informed, well-documented and quite encompassing on the projects for Amazonia, which have been endorsed by Pope Francis and will be addressed by the October Synod of Bishops at the Vatican.

I do not agree with everything the article affirms and I will not translate these parts. The rest I believe that can be useful for my American readers.

This is the reason I am giving it a place in my monthly column.

A few comments of mine will be placed between brackets. The subtitles are mine. From this point on, I will be translating a good part of the article.


The “AAA Corridor” or “Anaconda Territory” (1) is the new interest of the Pope, who ignores the Russian presence in Venezuela and convenes a Synod to take over a large part of Brazilian territory. …

Papal actions in Nicaragua

In Nicaragua, where the communist government has murdered hundreds of young people, Pope Bergoglio ordered a Bishop of Managua (its capital) to come to the Vatican with the goal of undermining the opposition against the Ortega government. Bishop Silvio Baéz, an outspoken critic of President Daniel Ortega and his government’s violent crackdown on protesters, was offering churches as shelter for the youth who fought the regime of the Dictator.

Báez was transferred to Rome for an indefinite period. The transfer was a personal decision of Pope Francis. “I did not ask to leave,” said Baéz. “The Holy Father called me. The decision for me to abandon Nicaragua was made by the Holy Father.” This decision, he added, “has made my heart weep.”


Bishop Baez - punished for supporting the opposition to Dictator Ortega

Baéz, considered one of Ortega’s strongest opponents, traveled to Rome after the Easter ceremonies. It is unknown how long he will be out of the country; he said he hopes to be back soon.

After Báez left, Ortega continued to persecute the opposition and murder youth, but Francis said nothing.

In Venezuela he asks for “concord,” which seems to be an implicit approval of Maduro’s genocide and the continuous exodus of suffering Venezuelans.

Swallowing a large part of Brazil

Here in Brazil, the Pope, instead of concord, wants to initiate a war of sorts against the government by encouraging the creation of the “Anaconda Territory.”

In the 190-page document Laudato Sí’ on the environment, Pope Francis defended a profound change in the present-day model of economic development and charged the wealthy countries to pay their debt to the planet, especially to those peoples more vulnerable to the consequences of environment issues.

Now, the Vatican is starting its discourse by favoring the creation of the “Anaconda Territory,” with the Pope affirming that “the forest is in the heart of the Pope.” …

Deep down the Pope wants to create an ecological sanctuary by taking Amazon land from eight South-American nations and fabricating a new mystical-tribal reality in a single autonomous territory, ignoring the borders and the past history of those nations.

It looks completely absurd, but this is the idea that explains the AAA Corridor or Anaconda Territory.

Martin von Hildebrand

Martin von Hildebrand at the Vatican explaining the AAA Corridor to Msgr. Sanchez Sorondo; below, the parcel of South America it intends to swallow.
500 million acres is about the area of Texas, California, Montana, New Mexico and Arizona together

AAA corridor
The project would start by swallowing 200 million of hectares [around 500 million acres] from the Andes across the Amazon to the Atlantic, or one-third of the Amazonia surface. This plan has been labeled even by its promoters as the “latest madness” regarding the environment.

Its principal advocate is Gaia Amazonas Foundation whose president is Martin von Hildebrand, an indigenous rights activist who for the last three years has been bringing together international NGOs, government ministries, science academies, indigenous reservations and the Vatican itself.

The Pope began his speech by declaring his support for the creation of the “Anaconda Territory,” stating that “the forest is in the heart of the Pope. …

A long report about his threatening project was published in the Colombian newspaper El Espectador. It stresses that “the idea is so crazy that, for this very reason, it becomes possible.” However, anyone who follows the green propaganda sees that it is not madness, but a plan that fully corresponds to most extreme goals of the Ecological Revolution.

This Revolution entered the picture to fill the vacuum created by the so-called defeat of Communism. It has been promoted by even the more unexpected centers of high power. They are the same centers that promote the destruction of the family, the notion of country and rational thought, in short, whatever is left of Western and Christian Civilization. The same centers that defile the name of Christ and Our Lady with an alleged “art” that is nothing but profanation and blasphemy.

The first step in this madness is to amass the territories that would be taken from eight sovereign countries. This plan would absorb 385 indigenous communities and would affect 30 million persons.

In this context, the Indigenous Movement adopted more aggressive action to promote the plan, directed and encouraged by multinational ecological NGOs and ecclesiastic organizations such as the Brazilian Missionary Indigenous Counsel (CIMI), a tentacle of the Brazilian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CNBB).

Anaconda mouth

The plan would swallow Amazonia lands from eight sovereign countries

This type of subversion is not exclusive to Brazil. In other South American countries that own parts of the Amazonia, missionaries are advocating communist-progressivist theories promoted by the same international NGOs.

Hildebrand boasts that “these preparations have played a key role” in moving the plan forward. In fact, “when we look the map,” he announced, “the corridor is already practically done.” He forgot to say that it has been done surreptitiously. Now, the final blow only needs to be given to the sovereignty of those eight countries by revealing the plan’s full program to usurp their lands.

Harold Rincón Ipuchina – a director of the Coordination of Indigenous Organizations of Cuenca-Amazonia (COICA), which brings together Indians seduced by this foreign proposal – praises Hildebrand as a man who has contact with governments and ministers all over the world and works assiduously, like a “patient spider weaving its web.”

The AAA Corridor would have an autonomous government, born from an “international cooperation that respects the autonomy of governments and indigenous communities by means of accords, many of which are already signed,” Hildebrand explained.

Among those antecedents are the Amazon Cooperation Treaty (1978) and the United Nations COP-21 (2015), which defined Amazonia as a territory to be protected.

This new pan-Amazon reality will have a separatist tendency, similar to what we see in Catalonia today.

Vatican ignores Russia’s takeover of Venezuela

It is good to remind the Pope that Venezuela [which also possesses part of Amazonia] has recently transformed its ports into “Russian navy bases.” Venezuelan Minister of Defense Vladimir Padrino recently signed a naval cooperation accord with Russia, which anticipates mutual “visits” of warships to the ports of the two countries. In effect, the accord transformed all Venezuelan ports into Russian “naval bases.”

russian servicemen

Venezuela receives Russian servicemen to carry out joint exercises; below, an agreement with Russian oil giant Rosneft to develop offshore oil fields

rosneft agreement russia venezuela
One of the generals who drafted the accord, Anatolii Zhikarev, boasted that for the large TU-160 Blackjack bombers – supersonic jets with nuclear attack capacity seen regularly at Maiquetia Base near Caracas since 2013 – “the accord was a true gift.”

Military cooperation between Venezuela and Russia has escalated in the last months. In addition to troops stationed in the region, Russian bombers landed in the country in December 2018 to carry out joint military exercises.

If this were not enough, Russian oil company Rosneft is already the principal driller of Venezuelan oil. In practice, Russia became the “main trader” of Venezuelan crude oil. In July 2019, the Russian enterprise took over 40% of the Venezuelan State Oil Company exports, a percentage that increased to 66% in August 2019. Rosneft is quickly replacing all the customary export companies, which are pulling out in fear of possible sanctions from Washington.

[Now, if Russia is controlling the country’s crude oil, the main source of Venezuela’s economy, and has installed military bases there, it means that Russia has also its foot in Venezuela’s Amazonia. Hence, most probably it will try to control the AAA Corridor that Francis wants for the Indians…]

Is the Pope initiating a war?

In an interview to newspaper Estado de S. Paulo, Brazilian General Augusto Heleno [Head of the Presidency Security Cabinet] affirmed that the Brazilian Intelligence Agency (ABIN) has been investigating the Conference of Bishops, which support the plan, in order to “neutralize possible threats” to Brazilian territory.


Francis is behind the AAA Corridor and the indigenous rights revolution

What Brazil is facing today is a comprehensive plan – encouraged by the Pope – to create an “ecological corridor” that would extend from the Andes to the Atlantic Ocean passing through the Amazon, when Russia is taking over Venezuela. …

This ecological corridor is in fact a real occupation of sovereign territories. This aggression is approved by Francis. At the same time, Francis ignores what Russia is doing. In view of his nonstop mad gestures, we may soon be seeing a war – like the one in Syria – in the Amazonia territory. This war would be the fruit of the Pope’s initiative and his Synod against Brazil.

  1. AAA – in the name AAA Corridor – stands for Andes-Atlantic-Amazonia. It is the territory of the imaginary corridor that would go from the Andes to the Atlantic Ocean passing through Amazonia.

    The anaconda or sucuri is an enormous serpent found in South America, especially the Amazonia; it is also known as the boa. The names Anaconda Territory, AAA Corridor and Pan-Amazonia Territory are names normally used by indigenous rights’ activist Martin von Hildebrand, the Vatican and the media in general.

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