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Girls’ Sports & Lies about Brazil

I Love Your Advice


Re: Questions on a Diocesan Synod

Thank you so much for taking the time to respond to me.

It's a comfort that you listened and I love the advice! Also, I'm printing out the section on the ordered home. It combines many of the items both my husband and I were thinking about and more, and I think it will be a good task for us to implement greater structure and more prayer.

Our kids are home with us more and it will be much more feasible to implement now.

Please keep us in your prayers as we will do the same for you and all those involved over at TIA.



Feminine Sports

Dear Miss Horvat,

Re: A Gradual Slide into Immodesty

Thank you so much for writing this response to my question about feminine sports. … I understand how busy you are and I am honored that you took the time to research and answer in such detail. I also thank Miss Lozowski for helping you with the work it took to write the two-part response.

The priest has left our parish, but I will not hesitate to send him the article as he needs to hear it. Our new priest, also another very young priest, will get a copy, as well as the principal of our school.

I hope and pray that you and your family and all the people at TIA are well. I appreciate all you do for us and will continue to pray for your intentions.

     In the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts,



Media Misinformation about Brazil's Protests

Dear TIA,

Re: Progressive clergy in Brazil facing death threats after Lula’s election

Crux is reporting that the highways are cleared in Brazil and there is no proof of voting irregularity in the recent election where Lula stole the presidency in Brazil. This is its text:

“Many of Bolsonaro’s supporters refuse to accept the results of the election, and accuse the Superior Electoral Court of having committed fraud in favor of Lula. However, no evidence of voting irregularity has been provided.

“Shortly after the result was announced, groups of Bolsonarists organized dozens of blockades on highways across the country, which were finally cleared on Nov. 10. In addition, several supporters of Bolsonaro are camping in front of military bases in different cities and asking the armed forces to stage a coup d’état.”

This is simply not true.
  1. There was a 90+ pages report by experts on the election showing that there was fraud in the electronic machines. Besides, according to the “official result” in hundreds of cities, Bolsonaro had zero votes, when many people from these cities publicly affirmed they voted for him. Therefore, their votes were not counted.

  2. The Brazilian Constitution contemplates the case when there is conflict between two of the three powers – Executive, Legislative and Judicial – and stipulates that it should be judged by the Supreme Military Court. Now, the fraud in this presidential election was endorsed by the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court, which is trying to impose the new president. Therefore, if the military enters the picture, it will not be a coup d’état, as Crux affirms, but they will be guaranteeing the tenets of the Constitution.

  3. Given the obvious fraud, an enormous number of the Brazilian people have taken to the streets asking the Armed Forces (the Supreme Military Court) to take over the situation and prevent a coup d’état of the Judicial power. It is not a small parcel of Bolsonaro’s followers, as Crux biased implies, but millions of persons, as shown in videos that I send to you below.
We see that Crux is presenting completely false data. It makes sense, because it is a clearly progressivist organ. It is distorting the reality to favor Lula, who is a known communist. This is the same position of the progressivist Brazilian Bishops who supported Lula.



Fortaleza, Ceará

Rio de Janeiro

São Paulo, Grand Prix of Formula 1

The people are chanting the slogan: "Lula you are a thief, your place is in jail"

Campo Grande, Mato Grosso do Sul


Pro Life Consistency

Greetings TIA,

I'm not sure if I sent this to the right place but I looked around the site and couldn't find other ways.

I've been a bit curious about something for some time. Recently, there was a pro-life leader, Lila Rose, on the popular Dr. Phil show, where he brings people in for a discussion about something in a national spotlight. I looked into Lila Rose's history in the pro-life movement. And I honestly am unsure what to think.

I checked both sides of the political spectrum to confirm her story and apparently she posed as a pregnant teenager in order to gain access to Planned Parenthood material and operations. This is a video of her with her own testimony. I know The Atlantic is liberal but I think it gives a fair representation of her with her own testimony.

I really try to view those who fight against evils such as abortion in a good light but something seems off that I can't quite put a finger on it. Is her "origin story" that involves posing as a pregnant 13-year-old girl acceptable according to Catholic principles? I'm trying to figure out if the ends in this situation justified the means and why.

I'm asking this question because I remember going on one of the March for Life protests a long time ago and I met many many young people who opposed abortion but were completely ignorant on things like modesty, socialism, etc. For me, it really soured my view of the pro-life movement.

I'm sure you can give better arguments than I and can figure this problem out.





TIA responds:

Greetings C.D.,

Thank you for your letter.

We agree with you that Lila Rose, the young woman who “posed” as a pregnant teenager to gain access to Planned Parenthood facility, acted in an unethical way. A person cannot tell a lie to achieve a “good end.”

We posted an article by Dr. Horvat some time ago that raised much controversy because it criticized pro-lifers who wore immodest clothing and traveled together in mixed company, setting aside good Catholic customs and morals. We suggest you read it here.

We repeat now what Dr. Horvat said then: “The war we are fighting demands a consistent action on both the spiritual and temporal fronts. In short, let us be consistent traditionalists and real counter-revolutionaries. Let us have good ideas and good customs.”


     TIA correspondence desk


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted November 17, 2022

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