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Porno Priests, Wellesley & Hungarian Dance

Lesbians Supported in the U.S. Also


Re: Lesbians speak from the altar in Italy

I'm sure it's happening here in U.S.A.



US Government Promotes Drag Queens

Dear TIA,

Re: State Dept awards $20k grant for Drag Queen Story Time... in Ecuador

This is disgusting! When will people put a stop to this?

     In Jesu et Maria,



Barn Burner

Dear Marian,

I am 136 pages into Ecclesia and you were right - it’s a barn burner. It makes a lot of current things make so much more sense. The "people of God" nonsense, and now even setting aside deicidal Israel as something/someone special - but not the Church? Wow.

This is a great one!




Porno Priests & Nuns

Re: Pope Francis says priests and nuns watch 'vice of porn,' warns 'the devil enters from there'

What hypocrisy!

This is so hypocritical! To say even priests and nuns watch porn – and not address the root of the problem, which is the opening of the Church to the world that started with Vatican II.

First our pope invites priests and nuns to enter the streets and smell the manure, then he warns priests and nuns not to watch pornography. What does he think those same priests and nuns are seeing in the streets?

Priests and nuns do apostolate on the beaches with youth in bikinis, practically nude, they welcome Lgbt people who are cross-dressed, horrendous, like creatures from hell.

He even praises social media and the new tech world (although it’s not his world, he adds). No, his world is the streets, mixing with prostitutes and drug addicts, not with the aim of converting them to have sorrow for their sins, but just to work social justice with them and supply their wants and needs.

It is so ridiculous!

The one thing of interest here is that he openly admits some priests and nuns are watching porn. But then, as always, he does nothing about it.

It is like a father who sees his children doing drugs and says, “You should not do that, my dear children. I am warning you it is not good.” He is not a good father unless he punishes and tries to exterminate the vice.

Everything has become so ridiculous – and terrible.



Died Suddenly

Dear TIA,

The trailer for a very interesting movie that's coming called Died Suddenly.

It calls the covid scam the greatest ongoing mass genocide in human history.



Mandatory Vax in Universities

Dear TIA,

Although we no longer have the propaganda machine (media + governments) pushing the vaccination as it did relentlessly until 2021, the mass murder agenda continues without fanfare.

The article I am sending you by an anonymous student of Wellesley tells it all.

I ask you the favor to post it for your readers in order to keep them fighting against it.

Keep up the good work.


A Wellesley Student Speaks Out

I was appalled, but not surprised, when on Saturday, September 24, the Dean of Students at Wellesley College, where I am a student, buried at the end of an email to the student body that all students at Wellesley would be required to receive a shot of the new bivalent Covid-19 booster. Then on October 11, we were informed this mandate would take effect on December 1, nearly three weeks before the end of the semester.

This announcement follows similar decisions from Tufts University, Harvard University, and the University of California, among others. It also follows a growing body of evidence that there are, for a non-trivial percentage of the vaccinated – especially the young – serious, potentially lifelong, and potentially fatal side effects – such as myocarditis and autoimmune disease – to the vaccine, which CDC director Rochelle Walensky acknowledges does not stop transmission of the coronavirus.

Moreover, this newest bivalent vaccine, designed to protect against the now-defunct Omicron variant, was approved without any trials confirming safety or efficacy. And regarding the latter, at least, the slim evidence we do have is not promising. So why is Wellesley – and why are all these other colleges – mandating their disproportionately young, disproportionately healthy students partake in a human trial for a vaccine that does not stop the transmission of a variant that became almost entirely obsolete months ago?

The message from Wellesley could not be more clear: the education of students here, or at least our ability to complete it, is contingent on our willingness to take a medical treatment that did not exist when I enrolled here. There is no consent, only coercion, with participation in a human trial joining physical education and foreign language proficiency as a prerequisite for graduation.

Administrators, rather than trusting the students whom they admitted to make our own risk-return analyses, have chosen to override basic bodily autonomy in favor of pushing vaccines that seem increasingly concerning for the young, a fact which is now being recognized around the world: in Denmark for instance, public health officials halted vaccines entirely for low-risk people under 50; Norway is not even doing first shots anymore for those under 45 years of age. At some point, the question must be asked whether colleges which ask students to play immunization-card Russian roulette are colleges whose credentials signal anything more than willingness to comply.

Read more here


Hungarian Harvest Dance


Here is an example of an authentic custom being maintained. Look how the people like the Hungarian Harvest Dance festival.

I wish this was the daily dress, and not special costumes for a few. You can see how proletariat and ugly modern clothing has become with progress....

Harvest Dance Packs St. Margaret

Hungarian dance

Community members perform a traditional Hungarian dance in St. Margaret Catholic Church Hall in Albany earlier this month during the first Hungarian Settlement Harvest Dance held since 2019.
Photo courtesy of Victoria Mocsary

Oct 26, 2022 - This summer, there was concern that the Hungarian Harvest Dance, held near-annually in Hungarian Settlement for over 100 years, that lack of volunteers following two pandemic-postponed years would end the event permanently.

But the Hungarian Settlement community and their families and friends rallied to rebuild the Árpádhon Hungarian Settlement Cultural Association which runs the dance with a host of new members.

The dance, held earlier this month, for the first time since 2019, was attended by over 1,000 people including volunteers, dancers, and guests, said AHSCA member Joe Erdey on Tuesday.

It was breathing room only,” Erdey said. “It was triple what we thought. People were just calling: ‘You got tickets?’ It went up to the last hour. It was highly successful.”

AHSCA met earlier this week with one of their agenda items being how to handle the dance moving forward now that interest has increased.

The dance was held this year at St. Margaret Catholic Church Hall in Albany, one of the birthplaces of the local tradition.

“We have to figure out something. We could’ve gotten more people in there. We could’ve done better,” Erdey said. “Now that people are buying in, I expect more next year."

Original here


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted November 1, 2022

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