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Earthquake, La Salette & Heralds

Take a Position against Disney


Here is a recent report about Disney’s concerted effort to push the homo agenda with children, as young as 2, and the push back it is receiving. Christopher Rufo encourages parents and families to keep complaining and stop buying Disney - be aggressive in your decisions.

No more “Oh but Disney used to be so good!” Face the facts that Disney is not good now - and may not have been as good as you think it was in the past. As hethis report says, it’s time “to rip the veil off of what our institutions are doing.”

No more Disney for my children. People lived centuries without Disney - and televisions and movies - it’s time to return to a life without it again.



Satan's Culture of Death


Re: Say NO to 15 Weeks Limit

This is Satan's culture of death!

It goes deeper into the anti-life sewer and it is being supported/promoted by some of our own "pro-life" leaders and organizations.

No to support! Stop it!



Vax Continues to Kill

Dear TIA,

I am sending you a short news report on Facebook about a lady in very good health who died suddenly after getting the booster.

I'm sorry for her and her family, but she should have never taken any of the shots.

Woman collapses and dies 15 minutes after Booster shot…

Posted by Kane on September 19, 2022

On Wednesday, a woman dropped dead at this Saskatoon Shoppers Drug Mart after her booster. A friend of mine witnessed it. Two days later, they are refusing to be honest with people about the potential harms.

Please share, it could save someone’s life.

Original here

A healthy woman took the covid booster shot and died suddenly


Excess of Deaths in the U.K.

Hello TIA,

The authorities in the U.K. are opening an investigation to look for the cause of an excess of 1,000 deaths per week in the U.K. without an explanation.

They say that the deaths are not related to Covid. Wrong question. They should ask whether or not they are related to the vaccines.

I remember watching a video by a South African doctor, posted on your website some time ago, who explained very clearly that the spike protein contained in the vaccine would greatly increase the dynamism of viruses of other diseases in the ones who are vaccinated, causing deaths that would not be directly related to Covid.

It certainly seems that his predictions are coming to fruition.

Let us hope that the U.K. authorities will have enough honesty to examine the reality without biases have the courage to go against the official narrative.

Keep us informed.



Earthquake in Mexico & Our Lady of La Salette

Dear TIA,

This morning I woke up to the news that a strong earthquake hit my homeland Mexico on September 19, the same “fateful” day that earthquakes have hit before and killed thousands of people - in fact twice - on September 19 in 1985 and on September 19 in 2017.

Alarms for the new quake yesterday came less than an hour after quake alarms warbled in a nationwide earthquake simulation that commemorated those major, deadly quakes in 1985 and 2017.

Scientists say there was no reason for the earthquake to happen on this day. "This is a coincidence" - that it is the third Sept. 19 earthquake - said U.S. Geological Survey seismologist Paul Earle.

Catholics, however, should think differently. September 19 is the feast day of Our Lady of La Salette, who predicted the crisis in the Church and clergy, saying that the Antichrist would conquer Rome itself. She also warned mankind of a great and pending chastisement: Paris will burn, Marseilles will be engulfed, cities will be shaken down and swallowed up by earthquakes.

I do not believe it is a “coincidence” that Heaven sends these warnings to Mexico on the Feast day of La Salette. We should wake up and take heed, for the next one may not just be a warning, but the real chastisement she predicted at La Salette, Quito and Fatima.

We should be prepared spiritually and be fighting for Holy Mother Church. The fight is part of the preparation, as TIA so often points out. The Conciliar Church wants to destroy the Church Militant. We want to restore Our Lady to her throne and see Christ reign again in the hearts of man and in society.

     Viva Cristo Rey!



TIA & the Heralds of the Gospel

Dear Sirs,

I follow the TIA website daily due to the high quality of its publications. I am a Roman Catholic Apostolic and the trustworthy sources for formation and information are very few in our ambience, unfortunatelly infested by heresies and reprobable behaviors.

I objectively put to you a question that for some time has intrigued me and about which I have difficulty to find sound data. TIA has affirmed more than once that it has no links with TFP, but I did not find anything about eventual links with the Heralds of the Gospel, a break from TFP.

I do not follow, except sporadically, the Heralds' trajectory, because I have reservations on the orientation of that group. So, from a distance, it seems to me that TIA is still farther from the Heralds than from the ex-TFP, today restricted to the Institute Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira (IPCO), here in Brazil.

Thus, I ask: What is the take of TIA on the Heralds, so that I may check if it coincides with mine?

I deeply lament the divergences among traditionalist Catholic groups and I try to be away from those polemics, because in my opinion we should concentrate our attention on the internal enemies of the Church – progressivists, modernists and the false-right. But there are important questions such as sede-vacatism and others, such as the question of the Heralds' expansion in Catholic countries.

Strategic errors weaken the Catholic resistance to the neo-pagan world.

I thank you if you could clarify this question.

     R.A.L., Brazil

TIA responds:

Dear R.A.L.

Thank you for your noble words and for your consideration for our work.

Regarding the Heralds of the Gospel, the position of TIA is, before all else, a position of pity, because they were disciples of Prof. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira, whose life was dedicated to combat Progressivism in the Church. Those disciples had all the spiritual, intellectual and material means to continue this fight. However, they deserted the field of honor. Therefore, our first reaction is one of pity for those many vocations of warriors that will not be fulfilled.

Unfortunately, they not only deserted the anti-progressivist fight. They adhered to that same infiltrated Progressivism Prof. Plinio taught us to fight against.

Indeed, the Heralds adhered to Progressivism – Vatican II, the New Mass, the destruction of the Church carried on by the Conciliar Popes among many other things – to the point that we could say they became one with the enemy that they should be attacking.

The term describing this action is severe. The military word for warriors leaving one side and going to the side of their enemies is treason. We cannot find another word to express the gravity of this procedure.

We lament that those who were our brothers-in-arms against the same enemy today have passed to the ranks of the latter. We sincerely pray for their return to the correct path of fidelity to the Counter-Revolution, whose model was Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira.

We hope this message clarifies your doubt.


     TIA correspondence desk


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted September 20, 2022

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