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Creepy Disney & St. Louis’ Reaction

Disney Is Creepy


Disney is creepy!

After the social changes caused and promoted by Disney, after being one of the main corporations to defend homosexuality (with the vast majority of its employees in amusement parks being homosexual and there being homosexuality days there), and one of the main corporations advocating and promoting abortion (Bizarrely while it is largely a company aimed at children pays for abortions to employees!), now Disney (shocking but not surprising) is going down a much more open path towards what appears to be what TIA is alluding to in some of its articles: a taste for the macabre and openly towards Satanism.

A taste for the horrendous and macabre is being stimulated by Disney as can be seen by an episode in one of his children's series ("Baymax!") where a transsexual man appears to buy tampons for menstruation, an unusual scene that comes out of nowhere with no relation to the rest of the series. Then there is a new film ("Hocus pocus 2") where Satanism, witchcraft and macabre are presented as good and fun things.

Worst of all, Disney through economic acquisitions of other companies is quickly becoming the owner of a large part of the world's entertainment industry! Clearly being a powerful force that wants to separate us from God!

     God bless you TIA!


Witches in Disney


Standing for Our Catholic Morals

Dr. Horvat,

RE: An agreement in Ecuador

Thank you Miss Horvat for your reply! I'm glad to read Mr. Padilla's article because he doesn't mince words, he tells it for what it is!

Likewise your review of "Father Stu" and the TIA response article about immodesty of dress being a serious sin.

We must unapologetically stand up for Catholic morals, values and society and condemn the affronts against them.

     Thank you!
     And yes may Our Lady Reign soon!



True Friendship between a Catholic & a Protestant?

Dear Tradition in Action,

Response to "The Nature of True Friendship"

Thank you for the wise, albeit difficult reminder that true friendship cannot exist between Catholics and non-Catholics. It is possible to arrive at this same conclusion from a number of different angles, such as by considering the bad example that secular persons inevitably provide. But I also believe that to deny the indispensable role of faith in friendship would be to imply, as Novus Ordo Catholics tend to, that religion is easily compartmentalized. In other words, prayer and the sacraments have little impact on the rest of one's life. One can still be a "good person" without being Catholic, and a non-Catholic can understand and be understood by Catholics.

However, this mindset is false. The Catholic spirit ought to permeate one's entire existence, and everything else flows from it. For an aspiring counter-revolutionary, life is a continual contemplation of Our Lord's perfections and how they translate to both the religious and temporal spheres. In past eras, everything, including culture itself, was formed by faith, from which it derived its legitimacy. Catholics always understood that it is impossible to separate Church and state. Either the state (and with it, everything else) is Catholic, or it openly scorns the Church.

An infinite chasm separates the hope of Christ from the emptiness of the world. As friendship is a communication of one soul to another, how can a soul formed in hope possibly communicate itself to one who not only lacks, but is ignorant of hope? I know it is impossible, for I have tried many times and each time has only felt more restless and alone.

     In Domina,



Catholic Apology to Sodomites


Here is more of the abomination of the desolation.

A Kentucky Catholic church holds a ‘service of apology to the LGBTQ+ Community.’ On the final night of Pride Month.


The service was led by the church's director of Catholic LGBTQ+ ministry. In a letter titled "Apologies and Reconciliation," the director wrote: "The words the Church uses to describe me still sting, but I believe we are witnessing the evolution of doctrine, so I have hope. I know many LGBTQ+ persons – far too many – have been hurt by the Church and many have left. So have their families and friends. LGBTQ+ persons left with good reason: to survive. Apologies aren't coveralls for the past wounds, but they are a beginning."

During the "Call to Prayer" portion of the service, the director said: "We gather to celebrate our unique diversity that has not always been celebrated, not always held sacred. We gather to seek reconciliation for the hurtful words and actions of the Church toward LGBTQ+ siblings and their families and friends."

Read more here.


Anti Novus Ordo Manifesto in St. Louis

Dear TIA,

Salve Maria!

The Archbishop of St. Louis, Mgr. Mitchell Rozanski, is now obliging Traditionalists to accept the Novus Ordo.

At St. Louis's second-largest traditional Mass site, the Oratory of Ss. Gregory & Augustine, Mgr. Rozanski ordered Novus Ordo Confirmations. The faithful had been expecting Confirmation in the traditional Roman Rite. They were denied this.

Indignant, a friend of mine, Mr. Victor Elliott, wrote a manifesto to denounce the situation, and he kindly invited me to co-sign. I am glad to have added my name to such a charitable and thoughtful letter, especially in light of the attacks its author received immediately after publication.

I would like to offer a copy of this manifesto to the readers of the TIA site, especially as a homage to those Catholics that had the courage to denounce this outrageous situation.

In charity, I ask for prayers for the conversion of Mgr. Rozanski and his "obedient" friends. And may Our Lady grant final victory to the faithful of St. Louis, who are daily struggling for the destruction of Progressivism.

     In Maria,

     Mark Williams

Rejection of Novus Ordo Confirmations at Ss. Gregory & Augustine

June 14, 2022

To all faithful Catholics of the Archdiocese of St. Louis,
The Lord give you Peace!

With the issuance of Traditionis Custodes and the follow up Responsa ad Dubia by the Holy See, it is clear that Catholics of the Traditional Latin Rite will not be permitted to worship and to receive the sacraments according to their particular spirituality and Rite, but, sooner or later, will be required by their pastors to exclusively use the New Rite also known as the Novus Ordo of Paul VI, for all functions of the Roman Latin Rite.

It has been announced publicly that those receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation at the Oratory of Sts Gregory and Augustine will receive it “according to the ritual of Paul VI” – which means that the New Rite Confirmation will be used as opposed to the Traditional Latin Rite. It must be asserted that this decision is an injustice to those Catholics of the Traditional Latin Rite who have the prerogative to use this Rite and be enriched by the particular irreplaceable pious spirituality that is intrinsically interlinked with the Traditional Rite.

And this right is expressed even in Canon 214 of the New Code of Canon Law, which reads: “The Christian faithful have the right to worship God according to the prescripts of their own rite approved by the legitimate pastors of the Church and to follow their own form of spiritual life so long as it is consonant with the doctrine of the Church.”

The reality is that the Traditional Latin Rite is part of Apostolic Tradition which can never be validly suppressed, and which all Catholics have a right to attend and have their particular spiritual lives nourished thereby. The families of the Oratory of Sts Gregory and Augustine have chosen the Traditional Latin Rite and the Traditional piety and spirituality that is completely dependent upon that particular Rite. The Traditional Latin Rite is the patrimony of all Roman Catholics. It is an injustice to deny these Catholics that to which they have rightly held along with the multitude of the faithful across the centuries.

This is likely only the first step in implementing the new marginalization of the Traditional Latin Rite, and eventually more Catholics will become the victims of this agenda.

We, named below, reject this and all attempts to alienate Roman Catholics from the Traditional Roman Latin Rite. We offer our prayers for the sake of all victims of these injustices, hoping that they will hold fast to tradition, come what may, like St Athanasius and our forefathers in the Faith have done before us. We pray also for those who execute this unjust agenda against the rights of the faithful, hoping that they will repent and instead fulfill their obligation to provide for the rights to the particular Rite and needs of the spiritual lives of their respective flocks.

And let us be motivated and inspired by the Word of God as well as Pope St Leo the Great:

“Brethren, stand fast; and hold the traditions which you have learned, whether by word, or by our epistle.” - 2 Thess. 2:14

“Teach nothing new, but implant in the hearts of everyone those things which the Fathers of venerable memory taught with a uniform preaching. Whence, we preach nothing except what we have received from our forefathers. In all things, therefore, both in the rule of Faith and in the observance of discipline, let the pattern of antiquity be observed.” -Pope St Leo the Great

     J. Victor Elliott
     Mark Williams
     Kevin Richard


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted July 7, 2022

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