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Pax in Ecuador & No Ties in Bavaria

An Agreement in Ecuador


I thought you'd be interested in what we're hearing this afternoon in Ecuador. I'm not a resident but live here a few months each year, and this agreement today is good news for the people who can finally get their needed food and fuel and means of livelihood back. Mr Patricio Padilla's articles have helped me understand, as well as input from some others here who realize that these protests are likely much more than just "spontaneous uprisings" of the indigenous over the price of gas.

The people here have a rich traditional Catholic history and they are very enterprising and have small family businesses which they are forced to close because of these protests. The people, especially the poorest must be hurt - how can they feed their families? From the best of my understanding both the protest leaders and their demands are anti-capitalist, meaning socialist. So today is good news:

The news is reporting that today an agreement was reached and the protests and violence will end. Supplies will finally get through to the people. The food and medicine shortages caused by these protests will now be relieved.

The protests left at least eight dead and scores injured. At least one soldier died and I believe many police injured. The poor have suffered, we don't know the extent. The country itself has lost at least $213 million including in the oil industry, Ecuador's main source of income, impacted during the protests. The president has kept his office by the lawmakers' votes and will remain. He said "We have achieved... peace in our country."

Thanks for your prayers. Let's pray our Rosary in Thanksgiving.
"Our Lady of Good Success - Thank You and Please Pray for us"


TIA responds:


Thank you for your analysis.

On the same day you were writing your comments, Mr. Patricio Padilla published his overview on the situation in Ecuador on our website.

He wrote his analysis of the situation just hours before the agreement was made, while you wrote your email shortly after this news was reported.

You will find many points in common in the two pieces.

We suggest that you read his article.


     TIA correspondence desk


An New World Order without Ties

Dear TIA,

Watching the photo below it becomes obvious that the political leaders who gathered for the G-7 on June 26 in Bavaria, Germany, received an order to take off their ties for the picture.

Who is giving them such an order if not the bosses of whom they are the lackeys?

Who are these bosses if not the Secret Forces?

Why would the Secret Forces order leaders to eliminate the ties, if not because it is an item of clothing that still represents hierarchy, distinction and privacy?

The elimination of these categories seem very much to be a requirement to establish the New World Order, the Great Reset, as it is being called.


World leaders without ties


Latvian St. John's Day Men's Choir

Dear TIA,

Salve Maria!

This video with the Latvian men's choir singing the song for St. John's Day is quite a treat... (The song starts at 1:07 minutes. Please, skip the beginning as there are some indecent pictures and a false pagan interpretation of the midsummer festivities in Latvia.)

It reminds me of all of the singing I still want to do for the Counter-Revolution. I would also like to live my heritage and get back into Irish step. It is videos like these that move men to seek more out of life and to not just work and relax, but to thrive and grow with the gifts God gave us.

It is also a great example of the Latvian culture and how God gave each race its own spirit. I wish to learn more about these spirits from TIA.

     In Maria,



Are the Progressivist Ordinations Valid?


Please explain why all ordinations are not valid.

After Vatican 2 they are not valid! Sources such as traditio, nouvesorder, holy family monastery all claim this statement to be true!


TIA responds:


We have answered this question many times. Please, find the answers on these pages Novus Ordo Mass & Sacraments and Sede-Vacantism.

We hope you will benefit from reading them.


     TIA correspondence desk


Pelosi Receiving Communion at Francis' Mass


Can anyone phantom any more hatred in one place than having Nancy Pelosi and Pope Francis together at the Vatican celebrating the killing of the unborn. The pope with his hatred for the Church of Christ becomes more obvious every day as he continues to destroy it. Pelosi also gets her revenge on San Francisco Archbishop Salvador Cordileone for doing his job and forbidding her to receive Holy Communion. Under Church rules, it is a sin for the priest to give Communion knowingly to public sinners.

Those who understand the Book of Revelation might have a different slant. They know that the Antichrist and his prophet will introduce ceremonies to imitate the Sacraments of the Church. In fact, there is a whole organization with a Church of Satan - with the pope in charge and people like Pelosi as followers - in opposition to the One True Church of Christ. There should be very little reaction to the pope’s action of allowing communion to a sinner because similar activities have been going on for 60 years.

In the Apocalypse of St. John, a third angel threatens all the followers of the Antichrist with eternal domination. It divides the entire world into two groups. On one side stand apostates who worship “the beast and his image” and receive “his mark on his forehead or on his hand.” On the other side stand those who reject the authority of the beast; these are the ones “who keep the commandments of God and the faith of Christ as given to the One True Church.

The deciphered version of the Third Secret written in Sister Lucy’s hand writing could refer to this. It reads in part, “Our Lady showed us a Church, but this was a Church of hell, and an individual who I describe as the holy Father leading a multitude that was praising the devil, but there was a difference from a true holy Father, the gaze, this one had the gaze of evil.”

     Homer Sweeney


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted July 5, 2022

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