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War Drums & Novus Ordo Indifferentism

As the War Drums Beat

Dear TIA,

Re: US Rehearses Dropping Nuclear Bombs in Europe

Very good timing!

The LA Times announces today [October 27] these exercises, taking place simultaneously in Europe and Russia. Both sides are beating the war drums.



Breakaway Church Gives ‘Gay’ Ex-Monk Wedding


For your readers who may be fooled into thinking that the Old Catholic Church is the real Catholic Church that did not change, please know that it is indeed a ‘breakaway’ Church that is not Catholic. It goes further than the VAT II Church in its liberal and progressivist thinking.


"German Anselm Bilgri, a former monk and prior at one of Germany’s most famous monasteries, left the Roman Catholic Church to wed his long-term male partner. Bilgri, 68, and his "husband" were wed in a Munich church on Saturday by a priest of the Old Catholic Church, which emerged in the Netherlands in the 19th century and lets priests marry and allows same-sex relationships. ..."

Read more here




Guess Which One Is Beatified

Dear TIA,

Guess which child in these photos has been beatified by the Vatican:

Carlo Acutis with friends

Carlo Acutis with friends

Answer: This is Carlo Acutis.

In the first photo, he is in red, kneeling second from the right. In the second photo, he is in black, standing second from the left.

A true saint should be known from his appearance, even in his youth. Consider the holiness and seriousness of child saints such as St. Dominic Savio. An insight into how a saint may look in their childhood can be found in the photos of St. Therese, whose entire being revealed a great innocence and seriousness from her very early years.

     In Jesu et Maria,



Georgia Guidestones

Dear TIA,

I do not hear much about the Georgia Guidestones, a monument to the “age of Reason.” I believe they are ominous; and a Trojan Horse and harbinger of future death.

It is a granite monument in Georgia about 20 feet high – very masonic looking – that holds a message about the conservation of humanity. The message calls for keeping the Earth's population under 500 million "in perpetual balance with nature" and creating a "living new language" to "guide reproduction wisely," among other things, according to the Elbert County Chamber of Commerce.

The following article is VERY long, but it is an important blueprint of the terrifying plan for the enslavement of the human race, and a perfect Utopia for the very rich. This is not conspiracy theory, but absolute fact explained by the barbarians themselves.

*Georgia Guidestones - Wikipedia

3:59 Georgia Guidestones Strange '2014' - Paul Joseph Watson

*Sinister Sites: The Georgia Guidestones - The Vigilant Citizen

Recently those stones were damaged by dynamite someone left there. After being partially harmed the stones were completely destroyed. It is another strange thing. Why did they suddenly decide to destroy them?

     J.S, Ph.D.


Good Sense Returns to Judges

Dear TIA,

We should not despair that one day good sense may return to the Judicial Power of America. Among the many socialist and biased sentences we hear about today – not excluding those coming from the Supreme Court – we have this one [read below] in California that makes us believe that sometimes justice can be found even among judges…

Keep up the good work.

     In Christ Jesus,


Judge Rules for California Baker Over Same-Sex Wedding Cake

October 23, 2022 - Bakersfield, Calif. (AP) — A California judge has ruled in favor of a bakery owner who refused to make wedding cakes for a same-sex couple because it violated her Christian beliefs.

The state Department of Fair Housing and Employment had sued Tastries Bakery in Bakersfield, arguing owner Cathy Miller intentionally discriminated against the couple in violation of California’s Unruh Civil Rights Act.

Miller’s attorneys argued her right to free speech and free expression of religion trumped the argument that she violated the anti-discrimination law. Kern County Superior Court Judge Eric Bradshaw ruled Friday that Miller acted lawfully while upholding her beliefs about what the Bible teaches regarding marriage.

The decision was welcomed as a First Amendment victory by Miller and her pro-bono attorneys with the conservative Thomas More Society.

“I’m hoping that in our community we can grow together,” Miller told the Bakersfield Californian after the ruling. “And we should understand that we shouldn’t push any agenda against anyone else.”


Tired of the Novus Ordo Indifferentism

Dear TIA,

I’ve been getting weary with the ‘indifferentist’ scripture notes on the weekly readings and ‘life lessons’ in the weekly bulletin that our Novus Ordo parish priest clearly ‘cuts and pastes’ from some source.

No mention ever of the necessity for getting into/remaining in a state of Grace, the necessity of the Sacraments and the necessity to belong to and believe the Catholic faith, without prescinding from any of its doctrines and moral precepts in order to be saved. No explicit linkage of scripture to Catholic doctrine and sacramental practice.

I googled a section of typical text and found the source - an American priest who has generating them for decades.

I emailed him and requested could he please make his resources expressly identifiable, affirm and teach each week sound Catholic doctrine, mentioning specifically Extra Ecclesia Nulla Salus. I received the following reply:

“My sincere apologies for remaining faithful to our Church teaching in my 55 years of priesthood. Please remember that the Vatican decided to upload my homilies in its official Vatican radio website for three years until it uploaded all my Cycle A, B and C homilies and they could not find any heresy in it. I try to explain scriptures, not religious fanaticism and exclusivism. Please pardon me for for this approach and I cannot easily change as I am already 84. Fr Tony.”

     Yours in Jesus, Mary and Joseph.



Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted October 27, 2022

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