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Butterflies & ‘Gay Wedding’ Cake

Butterflies for Our Lady

Dear TIA,

This morning while working on Our Lady of Lourdes Seven Seas pond and waterfall, two teachers arrived with kindergartners all with hands on left hips and a few caged butterflies. One teacher said to the children: "What do we say to Mr. EK?"

The children: "Good morning Mr. E.K.! We are here to release butterflies at Our Lady's Shrine..."

So they did and all went perfectly... ascending up and away! Hooray!

I told one of the teachers that TIA has a few wonderful posts about butterflies as symbols. I rushed to world headquarters, copied on our new super copier and left copies of the article in the teachers’ mail boxes.

True Mary and TIA working together... with butterflies!

     Thank you,

     E.K. the Grateful


Clementine Mass


Recently Bp. Ramolla & Fr. Moylan offered a series of 6 Clementine Mass's for the soul of Bp. Robert Dymek.

What is a Clementine Mass? I haven't ever heard of this in my life.

Bp. Dymek was the only Catholic cleric I have ever met who consistently taught and encouraged the After Midnight Holy Communion Fast.

     God bless


TIA responds:


The only Mass we know with this name is that the Missa Clementina (Clementine Mass). Two Masses with this name were composed by Alessandro Scarlatti and dedicated to Pope Clement XI in the period 1703 and 1716. He wrote a Requiem in 1721 also possibly for the death of Clement XI.

You can hear a Kyrie from one of the Masses here.


      TIA correspondence desk

     Note: Read more here


Talks in Mp3


Is it possible to get your talks in an MP3 format. I don't even own a CD player any more.

Thank you and God bless you


TIA responds:


Thank you for your inquiry.

Right now, we do not have our talks available in Mp3. We are considering updating our system.

The only problem is that in this area the technological changes are moving so fast that it is hard to keep up with all of them; almost every other year there are substantial changes.

So, the conclusion is that if we slow down in our updating, we may skip some steps that will be outdated soon…


     TIA correspondence desk


Ugly Mess

Dear Marian, Atila et al,

How happy I was to see you back on my screen! It's been a long time, and much has happened including the unhappy fact that I have somehow contracted shingles, of all things! This is surely a gift from Satan, so a few prayers from holy souls would be appreciated, believe it!

I have been agonizing over the state of the world and especially my Church – and my little brain is hoping that this is the beginning of the Chastisement, for I do not relish the thought that it will sink even lower. It's like reading a book you just dread turning the page in, only this is VERY real, as you all know.

I pray you are all well and able to muddle through this ugly mess like the stalwart warriors I know you to be.

     Thanks again, dear ones,



Victory in the ‘Gay Wedding’ Cake Lawsuit

Hello TIA,

Not many wins to report in the courts today, but here is one.

Justice Kennedy, writing for the majority in the Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission ruling, handed down today, decided both that the plaintiff, Jack Philips, could not be compelled to bake a cake for a gay wedding and that the defendant, the Colorado Civil Rights Commission, could compel him to bake that cake were the Commission to stop publicly likening Philips’ invocation of his Christian faith to Nazism and racism.

This contradiction helps explain the unusual 7-2 vote in favor of plaintiff. Anyone following such cases concerning First Amendment rights, especially regarding religion, would have expected a 5-4 vote and not clearly in favor of the plaintiff, either. But two of the justices in the majority, Justices Breyer and Kagan, seem, like Kennedy, willing to accept the compulsion of Christians against their conscience as long as it is done with face neutrality to religion, which seems to ask only for a change regarding public statements.

So, there will be a next case, and it will probably be a much more troubling one. The Court’s opinion countenances both the “philosophical and religious objections” of the plaintiff, which come down to First Amendment rights, and the “civil rights” of the gay person or couple who might take offense at someone refusing to bake a cake or provide another service. Justice Kennedy acknowledges the conflict between these rights, but does nothing to resolve it.
[Continue reading here]

A win, but looks like there will be many more fights. I hope we can get the Supreme Court filled with better judges while Trump is in office. Otherwise, not much hope.



Pro-Homo Priest Featured by Vatican

Dear TIA,

So, the program of the World Meeting of Families to take place in Dublin August 21-26, will feature Fr. James Martin, the famous pro-homo Jesuit, as a special speaker.

The goal of the meeting is to protect children and families, but the Vatican cannot find anything better to do than oblige the participants to listen to a pro-homosexual activist promoting a vice against nature.

Is there any doubt that the Vatican goal is to destroy the family?

Vatican-backed family rally to have speech on welcoming gays

Nicole Winfield 

AP - June 11, 2018 – VATICAN CITY — An international family rally the Catholic Church is hosting in Ireland will feature workshops on hot-button issues facing Catholic families, including protecting children from clergy sexual abuse, weathering divorce and ministering to lesbian and gay faithful.

Pope Francis will join the Aug. 21-26 World Meeting of Families for the last two days and preside over the final Mass in Dublin.

Organizers on Monday unveiled the pastoral program leading up to Francis’ arrival, and it includes some surprising entries. Perhaps none is more surprising than the inclusion of the Rev. James Martin, an American Jesuit scheduled to deliver a presentation on welcoming LGBT Catholics and their families into parishes.

Martin, author of “Building a Bridge,” about Catholic outreach to the LGBT community, has had several talks canceled in the United States in recent months because of pressure from conservative groups who oppose his call for the church to better accompany gay Catholics.

Martin told The Associated Press it was “immensely significant” that a Vatican-backed meeting would include his presentation, saying it showed “that LGBT Catholics and their parents are an important part of our church.”

The message from the Vatican to LGBT Catholics is this: you belong,” he said.

Original here.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted June 19, 2018

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