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Eco Spirituality, Frozen Eternity & DJ Priest

TV Is a New Crucifixion of Christ


Thank you for the women wearing pants letters responding to the problem of women wearing pants.

My grandmother, of happy memory, only had a second grade education but never once wore pants and into the 1960's washed cloths with a washboard. She never owned or watched a TV either.

The letter mentioned watching TV. A rather well known priest in the U.S.A. said when TV watching became popular in the late 1940s and early ‘50s that having a TV in the living room is the same as have a descendant of Christ's crucifiers in the room.

St. Lucy, pray for us.



Eco Spirituality

Dear TIA,

I found this odd tweet from Pope Francis, posted on September 6th:

The sweet song of creation invites us to practice an “ecological spirituality” attentive to God’s presence in the natural world, aware that everything was created through Christ and that "without Him not one thing came into being” (Jn 1:3). # SeasonofCreation

Even though the Pope mentions Christ as having created nature, the phrase "ecological spirituality" seems almost pantheist to me, as if the Pope were encouraging us to worship nature.

     In Maria,



Frozen Eternity

Dear TIA,

Arizona group promises eternal life by freezing humans to revive them again in the future.

Read more here.

     In Jesu et Maria,



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Re: DJ Priest

  • In so far as it is not being used in the Mass, I’m kind of failing to see the evil in this. Priests don’t have to be stuffy classical musicians or baroque style painters. And that’s coming from a classical musician.
    - P.L.

  • A priest must remember his sublime dignity whether in Church or on the streets. DJs and rock music are part of the revolution and should be excluded from all of society. We shouldn't just restrict our faith to the Traditional Church we go to, we must be Traditional Catholics in every aspect of our life. Pope Pius X wrote about how a priest must never do anything unbecoming his dignity in public either. Classical music is good music it should be the norm of society, not music that makes one depressed and mentally ill. Beautiful art and architecture should be the norm of society, not ugly, unsymmetrical buildings that contribute to people's chaotic lives. We should bring back Christian culture, Christian society. And this priest better read those documents of Pope Pius X. I don't think it would hurt you to read them too.
    - A.C.B.

  • Classical music was never the “norm”. There have always been “low” and “high” forms of music. In the Middle Ages, this would have been songs sung with a portative organ. In the renaissance and baroque periods, a lute was a common instrument of the people. Entering the modern era, we see string bands arise in places like Ireland, and subsequently in the USA. We also see jazz and blues arise. That all has accompanied a parallel tradition of classical music. Both can feed the soul when rightly ordered. I’m personally not s fan of DJ music, nor are you, but that doesn’t make it evil. Christian society has always had a place for high culture, as well as music of the people. As an organist, reed musician, and vocalist, I’d far rather spend a Friday evening at home with friends singing jazz standards and playing clarinet to some folk guitar than trying to play the Bach Magnificat in D major. Classical has its place, and I live for classical music, but to appreciate one art form to the exclusion of others is a bit juvenile.
    - P.L.

  • It's not the appreciation of one type of music from the other, the point is one type of music is ordered, good, well-composed, has lyrics and tunes that lifts you and is therefore truly beautiful. The other type is made by Hollywood drug addicts and players who have some ties to the occult, make music with vulgar lyrics, music that only makes one's lower faculties uncontrollable and encourages one to be spontaneous (even animals don't dance like Elvis did, for example) and music that makes one simply depressed or atheistic. It must be expected of you to know that music affects you interiorly without you even knowing it. The arts and music of one of the greatest eras of human history was always directed to True beauty but modern music only degrades the person who listens to it. Not only classical music, even old music from different cultures, or, say, patriotic music. Now "music", if it deserves even the name, just curses the president, curses or makes up some history, curses the person listening, talks trash about others, gets very impure at some point and all this is rapped by some shaggy-dressed individual. It's not ordered, not beautiful, not good music. It's not only about classical music. Ordered, beautiful art must be the norm, not the horrible gibberish that makes people live like clowns.
    - A.C.B.

  • It’s NOT JUST the music, I find that have fire dancers (immodestly dressed at that) makes this event NOT Christ centered and actually a flirtation with the enemy making many vulnerable to sin. I agree that we need to have events outside of the church to appeal to the youth in a relatable manner, but we cannot indulge in sin to do so. Sadly, this IMHO, is encouraging sin. How is this going to encourage anyone to repent & confession?
    - F.M.V.

  • I don't think this is as per Catholic Church teaching because this is completely modern culture
    - R.B.

  • Jesus wasn’t a DJ right? And when he taught the 12 apostles how to pray, he didn’t rap. The Lord’s Prayer at them, did he?… I could swear that I never read this in the Gospels.
    - T.M.M.

  • He also never chanted any of the prayers, had them chanted while someone else sings a drone note, have them sung in polyphony, or sung with a pipe organ. That’s a dumb argument. As long as this guy is not doing DJ music in the Mass, I don’t see what the problem is.
    - P.L.

  • You seem triggered by traditional Catholicism. What you don’t seem to realize, is God has made a specific way on how to celebrate the mass and pray. There are many Saints reflecting his passion and they believe in a reparative prayer life. They observe silence and prayer in adoration. Read about these great men and women. Maybe it’ll change the way you worship. What this priest is doing is the opposite. It’s not promoting holiness. It’s just noise. I’ll pray a rosary for you to not be so prideful and impatient and to convert fully to Gods Will.
    - T.M.M.

  • I am bothered by stuffy gate-keepers. We are not all called to the same kind of devotion, nor to enjoy leisure in the same way. Insofar as this priest’s music is not part of the Mass and is not profane you have not business calling it sinful. Why do you presume that I’m ignorant of the saints or of prayer? I pray the rosary daily and teach the Baltimore Catechism. And you are wrong, God has not declared how we ought to use music in the Mass. That’s coming from me, a pipe organist who prays in Latin and goes to the TLM.
    - P.L.

  • Did you say something? I didn’t read it. I told you what you should do already, it’s up to you and God to hash it out. My job is done.
    - T.M.M.

  • That’s quite arrogant. You didn’t change my mind. You responded to my assertion of haughtiness by acting haughty. You just proved my point. No serious person would respond with such unvirtuous and irrational immaturity. I’m sorry you feel the need to conduct yourself like this.
    - P.L.

  • DJ'ing doesn't exactly inspire Christian virtues though does it. It's not pious or reverent.
    - D.A.

  • So many priests and religious have veered off the path of truth and righteousness. If they want to draw more people or keep people in the church go back to tradition Latin Mass. this new age modernism is the detriment of the true Mass.

  • Why go to the Catholic Church when it’s doing the same thing as a club? Where’s the value? The defenses for these horrid actions are actually criticisms.
    - C.V.

  • Burn baby burn... Disco inferno [reference to 1976 pop song “disco inferno”]
    - T.O.S.

  • Seems like the new age masses where the pastors do all. dress how ever they feel just to appease the already desensitized Populous that is high on pagan culture and rituals
    - G.B.F.L.

  • The only conclusion I can conceive about priests like him is that they just don’t believe.
    - J.C.O.

  • Anathema
    - M.A.P.

  • This is wrong.
    - L.N.T.

  • Pretty sad.
    - S.O.O.L.

  • Obviously this is quite silly to do as a Spiritual Father of the Church but at least as laity have the respect Call our Pope Francis
    - M.T.C.

  • Heretic
    - H.N.F.

  • Bring back the guillotine.
    - R.K.

  • This is indeed confusing! Why was this blessed? How EXACTLY is this bringing the youth to a closer encounter with Christ? I agree that there needs to be ministries OUTSIDE of the Mass that give the faithful reasons to gather and rejoice AS Christians & introduce and encourage the youth in a relatable manner to seek a deeper relationship with Christ & God, but I don’t see anything here that indicates this is effective in that mission. What am I missing?
    - F.M.V.

  • Disgusting.
    - W.O.C.D.S.

  • Disgusting.
    - T.Q.M.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted October 20, 2022

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