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Abolishing Family & Homo Borg Genesis

Abolishing the Family

Dear TIA,

Re: When the Family Is Abolished, People Starve

Salve Maria!

This is the most awful heart rending story of what Communism does. It certainly describes the need for tradition, family and property. It will probably depress you as it did me, but it is the truth.

I don’t know if it would be appropriate for you all but I thought I would send it along. It is from AIER as you will see.

     In Jesus and Mary,



Francis Condemns Traditionalism

Dear TIA,

On October 10, commemorating the 60th anniversary of the opening of Vatican Council II, Pope Francis rained down new criticisms upon us, who defend the perennial doctrine of the Church. For him to do this is to become “Pelagian” and to “take sides.”

Since Pope Francis is one of the most radical followers of Progressivism, the words he also spoke against the "other extreme position" of progressivists are hypocritical and should be just another pretext to attack us and look impartial. Indeed, the essence of his homily is this: Vatican II changed the doctrine of the Church and whoever wants to keep what the Church taught before is “unfaithful.”

His homily is another confirmation that Vatican II, the conciliar Popes, and especially Francis are affirming a new religion different from the 2,000 years of teachings of the Catholic Magisterium and a consistent Tradition.

For more read here.

     Best regards,



Russia Vaccinates Its Soldiers

Good morning TIA,

Salve Maria!

Russia is now vaccinating all of the 300,000 soldiers they’ve mobilized to fight in Ukraine. Citizens who try to evade mobilization (conscription) or vaccination may end up being jailed for 10 years. To all of the false right that keeps defending Russia for their supposed conservative values and just war in Ukraine, I ask: Where do you stand now?

Russia is clearly the main instrument of the chastisement and yet I can still see the false right defending even this monstrous action. May Our Lady help us soon.

     In Maria,



Homo Borg Genesis

Hi everyone,

Stop what you are doing and take a glance at this: Jabbed Are No Longer HUMAN: Covid Vaxx Hijacks DNA, MUTILATING Human Genome (

Interview with attorney Todd Callendar and Dr Ruby at Dr. Jane Ruby: Jabbed Are Now A New Human Species: Homo Borg Genesis (

Main point: The Covid scam has as its ultimate end the production of a new species of beings – transhumanism.

Note that the Department of Defense has been giving US military personnel borg shots since 2005 without their knowledge and consent. Calendar brings up the hair-raising question: Since these modified beings represent a new species, will they hold the same inalienable rights that homo sapiens [that’s us] do?

The Ruby/Calendar video puts all the government-inspired acts of deception around the Covid Scamdemic in a new and more odious light.

     Randy Engel


Robot-Operated Food Truck

Dear TIA,

I just discovered a food truck company in San Francisco called Mezli. According to the co-founder Alex Kolchinski, it is the “first fully automated restaurant,” to his knowledge (at least in America — Asia has plenty of transhumanist restaurants).

The meals were designed by Michelin-star chef Eric Minnich. There are still real cooks preparing the different food items, but other than that, the restaurant is essentially robot-operated.

People take their orders, which are customizable, on a digital screen, and the food is plated by the robot in a mechanical assembly line (see here).

Please watch this video to learn more about this horrible transhumanist development.

A quick search of “Mezli” on YouTube leads to a whole collection of videos on “kitchen robots” — soon, there will be “no need” for human chefs!

May the Chastisements and Our Lady’s Triumph come soon and stop this evil!

     God bless,


Mezli robot-operated food truck in San Francisco


No Trousers


Re: Don't wear pants on solemn occasions, ladies

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

And will the ladies please try to wear them less on other occasions.

I have taken to switching the channel on the T.V. upon viewing women in pants. Having been so distressed with seeing women in pants ad nauseum in my every activity every day.

     God bless.



More Feminism in The Queen’s Funeral

Dear gentleman and ladies at TIA,

Re: Don't wear pants on solemn occasions, ladies

Thank-you for pointing out Princess Anne's scandalous use of pants as she walked in the late Queen's funeral cortege. There were, unfortunately, a number of other feministic scandals that took place throughout the mourning period. The fact that the Princess Royal walked in the cortege at all is disturbing, even if not surprising, as she also walked in the funeral cortege of the late Queen Mother in 2002. Another alleged "strike for women" (according to the revolutionary press) was her participation in the "Vigil of the Princes".

The next day, all of Her Late Majesty's granddaughters also stood guard in a similar vigil, alongside the grandsons. My understanding has always been that both walking in the funeral cortege, and standing guard in the Vigil of the Princes, are the duty and prerogative of the men of the family. It was disgusting to listen to the press praise these developments.

Also, as I listened to Her late Majesty's funeral over the radio, I was immediately struck by how many female voices were to be heard. Both of the readings were done by women (the UK's new woman Prime Minister, and also a female representative of the Commonwealth, I believe); and at least half of the prayers were offered by women (Anglican "bishopesses", one presumes). As a Canadian subject of the Crown, I had so hoped that good traditions would prevail as all of the pomp and pageantry unfolded throughout the week. Alas, I find our beloved Royal Family to be deeply infected with the feministic spirit of the age.

Such a pity.

     In Maria,

     T.L., Canada


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted October 18, 2022

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