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Henpecked Priest & Dealing with Homosexuals

The Henpecked Priests


It has long been part of the customary discourse to refer to women as various types of fowl – “chicks,” “birds” and “hens” among them, including Agatha Christie’s 1959 novel, Cat among the Pigeons. So we can easily grasp the point recently made by your correspondent who described the Novus Ordo sanctuary as a henhouse. The hilarious metaphor is highly appropriate with the sight of a gallinaceous flock clucking around the priest at the table and taking over his roles, while he feels that it is more than his job’s worth to complain.

But to whom would he complain, anyway? Pope Francis? (Joke) The Archdiocesan Women’s Committee? (He would be given the chop.) The local Bishop? (He is the most henpecked of all and has succumbed to the pressure of a thousand beaks rather than be pecked to death)

Even worse, women have come to regard the Mass as a hen party which they themselves organize and celebrate. This can be seen from the example of a real life incident in a Novus Ordo parish where the priest was unavailable to say the Mass. An elderly retired priest related his experience of offering his services. As soon as he arrived in the sacristy, he said, he was confronted by a group of women who were busy setting things up for a Eucharistic celebration and seemed not at all pleased to see him.

“No need to go to any trouble on our behalf”, said one.

“We can manage quite well ourselves”, chimed in the other.

“You should have stayed at home”, piped up a third, purporting to be concerned about his advanced age and the wintry weather.

“Oh, but it’s no trouble at all”, said the priest, “I would be delighted…”

He was cut short by all the hens raising their voices together with increasing shrillness, vehemently assuring him of their competence in the matter. When he tried to insist that he would willingly say Mass, they started advancing towards him with more protestations of independence, so that he found himself retreating to the sacristy door. He got the message, he said, that his services were considered redundant, and that they would be happier without him. So he left them to it.

This incident is a good illustration of how, more than anything else, the Novus Ordo has changed Catholicism in the minds of many who have been formed by it, so that they no longer understand the meaning of the Mass or the priesthood.

     Dr. Carol Byrne


Five More Years for Fr. Martin…


Pope Francis has just assigned Fr. James Martin to another five years as Vatican advisor for communications.

It is a way to reaffirm that he supports the homosexuals.

A scandal!!

Please, read here.



How to Interact with LGBT People?

Dear TIA,

I have some Catholic friends who have asked me how to interact with homosexuals, transgenders, etc.

For my generation (I am 21) and the coming generations, to be “LGBT” is increasingly common and considered not only acceptable, but even praiseworthy. My generation tends to fear being considered “homophobic,” “intolerant,” or “hateful,” as these are considered the worst of sins by the modern world.

This has led many young Catholics, including aspiring traditionalists, to think it is okay to be “friends” with self-identified sodomites.

They ask: what makes the sin of homosexuality worse than being pro-abortion or living impurely, etc.? Indeed, we should not be “friends” with anyone who is impure or pro-abortion, but homosexuality is one of the most grievous sins which cries to Heaven for vengeance…

My question is: in what manner should we interact with homosexuals and transgenders, when at school, work, etc.?

Should we be cold to them and shun them, or are they still owed urbane and respectful treatment? If one openly shuns a homosexual/transgender at work, he could probably face a lost job because it would be a “hate crime.”

Thank you, and may Our Lady bless the work of TIA.

     God bless,


TIA responds:

Dear T.P.,

Thank you for the confidence in us you show by making this question.

In the case of how to treat homosexuals and their perverted variants, we should apply what in Catholic Morals is called the principle of double effect.

In a normal Catholic society, interacting with homosexuals and their related perversions should not be a social question, since honest people should never interact with them. It should be a criminal matter to be dealt with by the due authority.

In the case of civil law, Emperor Justinian who wrote the Codex Juris Civilis, which is the norm for all the civil laws that came after him, advises the Head of State to remove homosexuals from society; otherwise God punishes that State and its common good is destroyed (here).

In the case of the religious society – the Catholic Church – St. Pius V issued the norm on how to treat homosexuals: They should be defrocked and delivered to the civil authority to be put to death (here and here).

So, these are the norms for both civil and religious societies regarding homosexuals.

However, in today's civil society, especially in Western society, which apostatized from Christendom, the vice of homosexuality in all its aberrations has been accepted as normal and even raised to the rank of "right."

Sadly, in the Conciliar Church, which apostatized from Catholic Morals, the same vice has been also accepted as normal and implicitly praised as "another way" for persons to be.

So, although we entirely agree with Catholic Morals and apply its principles as much as we can, in order to live in this society until God will intervene with an exemplary chastisement, we treat homosexuals with that minimal urbanity that does not bring against us the consequences of our present day corrupted civil law. It is the position of Lot while he was living in Sodom before the chastisement of God fell over it.

How does this principle of double effect apply in concrete cases?
  • If a Catholic needs a job to provide for himself or his family and there are homosexuals, transgenders or other sexually perverted people in the workplace, he may treat them with that minimum of urbanity that allows him to keep the job. He does this not because he agrees with them, but because he needs the job.

  • If he is in a school and needs to finish his studies to have a degree, the same principle applies. He does not treat them urbanely because they deserve it, but to attain his degree.
This is how the principle of double effect applies: when an imperative and unavoidable necessity is present.

When this type of urgent or essential need is absent, this urbanity of the principle of double effect does not extend to normal relations with homosexuals.

A Catholic should never have habitual relations with them. Instead, he should avoid them as much as possible without publicly challenging the corrupted accepted laws.

If a school or work authority pressures him to change his position to accommodate the revolutionary tolerant atmosphere, he should say that he is Catholic, he cannot change his position and then request that his objection of conscience be respected.

These are the counsels we can offer you. We hope they will be of some assistance.


     TIA correspondence desk


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted August 30, 2022

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