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FRancis receives Fr James Martin - 2019

'The Church is a sect if she does not accept LGBT'

In a letter sent to Fr. James Martin on May 8, 2022, Pope Francis said that the Catholic Church would become a sect if she would not accept homosexuals.

The Pope's letter was a response to three questions Fr. Martin sent to him on May 3, 2022, asking his opinion on topics related to the LGBT group.

One day before on May 2, 2022, the Jesuit had established his own website – Outreach – linked to the very progressivist Jesuit magazine America. On May 9, 2022, the website featured a photocopy of the papal letter with its translation to English. Below, we reproduce the page exactly as it was posted.

The fact that Pope Francis called a Church that rejects homosexuals "a sect" sets him against the bimillennial crystal clear Catholic teaching comdemning homosexuality and makes it very difficult for any Catholic to avoid affirming that, with this statement, Pope Francis incurred heresy.

In the photo above, we see Pope Bergoglio receiving Fr. James Martin in a private audience on September 30, 2019. Below, after the photocopy of Outreach, is another photo of Fr. Martin in the same audience

Message of Francis to Fr Martin on LGBT Francis receives James Martin in audience
Photos from America Magazine and Outreach

Posted May 22, 2022

Our Lady of La Salette,
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