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Profanations, Demonic Cults & Hen House

Profanations of Catholics Shrines


If Francis annihilates the Latin Traditional Mass by May 2023, and if he secularizes Lourdes through the use of the giant rainbow flag in the name and decoy of peace, and through Masses held outdoors in the empty white tent, we will no longer have any big holy Catholic shrines left.
  1. The Shrine of Fatima is already defiled by the Hindu prayers held at its altar, and it has an ugly big statue of Our Lord at its modernist basilica, and worst of all, it has its 2 Fatima Sister Lucys. Please post again new articles of the imposter Sister Lucy - using Sister Lucy - with its latest scientific data.

    Gullible Catholic sheep will wake up when they see the imposter Sister Lucy and they will question the sanctity of the 3 Vatican II popes - John XXIII, Paul VI, John Paul II, who are now canonized saints - and Cardinal Ratzinger aka Benedict XVI - who were all responsible for installing the imposter Sr. Lucy and replacing the true Sister Lucy.

  2. The Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico is infested with the crimes of kidnapping of children and women and adult men for ransom.

  3. Jerusalem is not the Holy Land because of all its present-day persecutions and wars.

  4. The Vatican is plagued with papal scandals, cardinals and clergy scandals, financial scandals, etc.

Lourdes is our last bastion of Roman Catholicism!



Tribalism & Demonic Cults

TIA, (from YouTube)

Re: Tribalism in the Church, Explained

The excuse of the Vatican II is a man-made modernism cult, created on purpose by the Masons infiltration and its tools, the false clergy who are Masons, and their goals are to destroy our Catholic Church from the inside.

Since Vatican II, the evil fruits have spread and continue to spread in the forms of modernism, humanism, acceptance of all sects, cults, demonic practices of occult, such as Indian Tribalism, cultism, Buddhism, Hindu idol worship, and many other demonic practices, demoniac idol ceremonies (Pachamama) and indigenous pagan worship.

These bad demonic influences have blinded many clergy and laity into believing in humanistic ideals of salvation, interpretation of means of salvation (everyone is saved, no matter who they worship or what they worship) and no one goes to Hell.

The wicked serpent of the Garden of Eve is clearly at work; his demonic influence of pride, lying, deceitful beliefs of equality to God, have spread by the means of ecumenical practices in the Catholic Church, morphing into the false religions and mimicking those practices to show unity.

No good Catholic should ever participate in these spiritual deceits, nor look the other way, or even have affinity with those who practice these diabolical cults, sects, idol worship.



Gnostic Serpents


Re: The serpents Gnostic Luciferian 'elite' oligarchy and global powers

".... And this is why Gnostics support sodomy and all manner of perversion plus THE TRANSITION OF OUR CHILDREN TO TRANSGENDER since they are REMAKING people IN THE PERVERSE IMAGE OF THEIR EVIL MASTER."



Not the Holy Mass but a Hen House


Re: The Phantom Charge of Clericalism

The recent post "The Phantom Charge of Clericalism" depicts the Vatican ll reformers wanted by Luther and the first wave of Protestants down to our own day, who did and still do to take away the priesthood.

The priesthood which St. Thomas Aquinas described is one where the first and foremost duty is to consecrate the host at mass. With the N.O. Mass the priest is the only male at the table and women are in the sanctuary, the scene looks like a hen house instead of Holy Mass. If there is singing and music, the priest is just one more person, someone who is not special, who sings and has a Missal.

Hierarchical authority and the exercise of that authority is practically non-existent. Joseph Ratzinger was reported to have said when faced with a pressing decision, "My authority stops at the door in my office."

Mary, Mother of the clergy, pray for the clergy.
Mary, Queen of the clergy, pray for the clergy.



Am I Obligated to Attend the Novus Ordo Mass?

Dear TIA,

I am attending a college this Fall, which, while admirable in many ways, does not offer the Tridentine Mass on campus. There is however, a Tridentine Mass on Sunday in the nearby town. As I will not have a car, my ability to attend this Mass is entirely dependent on the possibility of being taken by someone else, which may not always be possible.

Having attended the Tridentine Mass for my whole life, I see its beauty as well as the dangers and many problems with the Novus Ordo Mass. If I cannot make it to the Tridentine Mass, must I go to the Novus Ordo instead? I read your answer (Swedish Protocol & Male Embraces ( to this question pertaining to the same subject but I am still not altogether sure.

Even some of my ("traditional") family members have told I must go to the Novus Ordo Mass to fulfill my Sunday obligation if it is the only choice. Indeed, praised be God, I have been well enough formed in my Faith to recognize what is wrong in the Novus Ordo, and not to be scandalized in my Faith by the many scandals of it.

They say I should attend, but not participate, and not even necessarily receive the Eucharist. ("After all," they say, "it is still the Mass, even if it is inferior to the Tridentine Mass!"). (This brings up another question I have: How can one "version [?]" of the Mass be better or worse than another?)

But going back to my main question, how should I answer these objections? Or are they right?

I would appreciate any insight you may have to my question.

May God Bless you and reward you for your wonderful work of defending the Church.

     Gratefully Yours,


TIA responds:

Dear J.O.,

We believe you should go to the Tridentine Mass whenever you can in the town nearby your college.

When this is not possible, you should replace assisting at the Mass with an act of piety – the Rosary, the Way of the Cross, a meditation, pious reading or something along these lines – during the time that you would have spent going to Mass.

We suggest that you avoid going to the Novus Ordo Mass close to you.

The reasons for this suggestion can be found in this posting.


     TIA correspondence desk


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted August 25, 2022

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