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Abortion in Texas & Attacks on Vatican II

Virginity Is an Important Topic


Re: Virginity Revalued

Please, when the time comes, PLEASE, let us know via an e-mail bulletin when/if you gather additional resources on virginity. I will look through some of mine was well. This is an important topic.

Thank you to the person who asked the question; thank you for the answers.

     Fr. Timothy Henderson


Pope Lacks Dignity


Re: Bergoglio plays foosball

Dear TIA,

Yes, I agree the Pope does not have the "dignity" of his office if he plays foosball. At first I thought that said "football." LOL...



The Texas Court Abortion Conundrum


If a man has a heart attack and there is no discernable heartbeat, is he therefore NOT a human being? Can we slice and dice him? Poison him? Kill him? Use him as a guinea pig in the lab? If we can’t, why can Texans kill an unborn child under six weeks?

Isn’t the message “NO ABORTION AT ALL” the message that pro-lifers should be getting out?

     Randy Engel

PS - Most so call “birth control” chemicals and devices are abortifacient and kill the young


Covid Caused Only 152 Deaths in Portugal


As far as the media is concerned the number of deaths in Portugal due to Covid 19 was 17,000.

Now, forced legally to give the facts on the total number of deaths in Portugal that were indisputably caused by Covid 19, the General Heath Department (Direção Geral de Saúde) of the Portuguese Heath Ministry declared:

"From January 1, 2020 to April 18, 2021, we were able to verify up to this moment the following distributions:

"Between 2020 and 2021, 152 death certificates were issued by the physicians who are registred in the Justice Ministry stating that the basic cause of death was due to Covid 19, as follows:
  • "Out of the 152 death certificates, for 132 deaths the basic cause was U071 (identified Covid 19 virus) and for 20 deaths the basic cause was U072 (Covid 19 non-identified in laboratory).

  • "Out of the 152 death certificates, 148 had autopsies; of these U071 was the basic cause of death for 129 deaths and U072 was the basic cause of death for 19 deaths.

  • "Out of the 152, 4 deaths had no autopsies, of these U071 was the basic cause of death for 3 deaths and U072 was the basic cause of death for one death."
Original documents in Portuguese and English, here.



New Arrangement of Ave Maria

Dear Sir,

I am a Catholic composer of sacred choral music – my website is – and I have made an arrangement of the Ave Maria based on the Air from Bach’s Third Orchestral Suite. No one has ever done this.

I would be grateful to you if you would mention my setting as a news item in TIA as some of your visitors might like to perform the setting which is dedicated to The Queen of Heaven.

Sometimes Catholics in our strange times need a bit of cheering up and I think my little arrangement might it do this – however I still do not have a recording of the setting.

Attached is something which could do as a news item with a ew bars of the music, a very good review, contact details and where to buy the score inexpensively.

I would be very grateful to you if you would either use the little news item/ad or mention in your own way the new arrangement.

Please let me know if you can help me.

     In the Queen of Heaven,

     Nicholas Wilton


Attacks on Vatican II

Dear TIA,

I have read most of the books Dr. Horvat has written about Our Lady of Good Success and Mother Mariana. They have had a profound effect on my spiritual journey of life for which I am ever grateful to you for.

On the other hand TIA’s stand against Vatican II leaves me a little uncomfortable.

Vatican II is a valid Ordinary Magisterial Council of The Church to which agents of Satan have weaponized the ambiguity in the wording of some of the documents to bring about much damage to The Body of Christ, His CHURCH upon earth.

I believe God has allowed this as Our Lady of Good Success predicted it would happen, but such human error and the demonization of the Popes of the last 40 years does not give God any Glory whatsoever.

I see their infallibly as humans for sure and their influence in doing foolish things which advanced the Lucifarian Agenda, but even here God allowed this in order to bring the purification needed to bringing The Church to a more mature understanding of It’s relationship within The Triune Community of Love.

     God bless


TIA responds:

Dear T.W.,

We are very glad that Dr. Horvat's books have been of benefit to you. This is very rewarding to hear.

Regarding Vatican II, it seems that in a nutshell your approach is that Vatican II should not be attacked because it was an official Council of the Church and the evil it produced was allowed by God for His glory.

As for the first point, there have been Councils in the Church that were afterwards considered bad, such as the one that later became known as the Brigandage of Ephesus (449). Other Councils such as those of Constance (1414-1418) and Basel (1431), although recognized as ecumenical councils, were partially condemned in doctrines they defended, such as Conciliarism, which later was defined as a heresy.

As for the second point, the fact that God allows evil to exist and attack the Church does not mean that Catholics should not defend her and counter-attack the external and internal enemies who want to destroy her. This is why the Catholic Church on earth is defined as the Church Militant.

True love for the Church and God is only authentic when it is translated into the action of destroying the enemies who strive relentlessly to destroy her and offend God.

We believe that you should not be uncomfortable but very glad that TIA is making this fight.


     TIA correspondence desk


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted September 7, 2021

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