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Male Prostitutes, Austrian Minister & Tyranny

Francis Sends Money to Male Prostitutes

Dear TIA,

I received this shocking news report, from a friend in Argentina; I am translating/summarizing it below FYI.

The Argentine newspaper La Nación (April 30, 2020) reports the case of a group of Latin American male transsexual prostitutes living in Italy who asked assistance from Pope Francis because, due to the Covid-19 crisis, they no longer can solicit clients in the streets.

These male prostitutes who have “mutated” themselves into women by surgeries went to Fr. Andrea Connochia, parish priest of the Blessed Virgin of the Immaculate in the town of Torvaianica where they live and “work.” They asked his help because of the financial suffering caused by loss of clients for their vile commerce.

Fr. Connochia advised them to appeal to Francis, which they did by writing several letters addressed directly to him. Pope Bergoglio quickly responded, sending Card. Konrad Krajewski to give them the requested help.

Asked by the Corriere della Sera if and why the Pope had helped them, Krajewski confirmed the action: “Yes, we helped: … These persons were hungry human beings. All are children of God.”

The Cardinal said that similar problems have occurred with other prostitutes who did not have money to buy food. “I go to the parish bank account and send them the needed funds; The charity of the Pope is for anyone who suffers.”

You can come to your own conclusions…

     Keep up the good work,

     P.B., Brazil


Laughing & Crying


Re: Dancing Monks and Monks Imitating Lady Gaga in Poland

I didn't know whether to laugh or cry - so, I did both.

As for "lady" Gaga - no comment.



Judas Suicide


Greetings Tradition in Action,

After sending my letter regarding your posting of Dr. Horvat’s article “Francis Muses again over the Fate of Judas” I just remembered something that I think puts the matter to rest that Judas probably is in Hell, as Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy, the Inferno, states.

It is a grave sin to commit suicide, and reading the accounts within the various Gospels, it seems Judas was in his right mind and hung himself. Judas hanging himself, he committed a grave sin and would indicate he is in Hell.

Dominus vobiscum – the Lord be with you,



One World Order & Rosary


Atheistic Communism had its greatest victory when it neutralized its most powerful enemy... the Roman Catholic Church. With the careful infiltration of their men into the seminaries, colleges and other Catholic organizations during the '20s,'30s,'40s and '50s, they were well positioned for the takeover of Rome during the Vatican II Council which was convened by a long-suspected communist, Angelo Roncalli, aka John XXIII.

No longer a vulgar group of hateful Godless men, our 21st century 'Socialists' have combined the much needed funds of Capitalism with the old dictates of Communism to give us the 'New Order' they worked so hard to create.

As this 'New Order' slowly swallows the world whole (as this over reaction to a virus indicates), we Catholics need to renew our dedication to Holy Mary and Her powerful Rosary. We need the Rosary even more than we need oxygen and I'm going to double my efforts at getting this message out there... as most of you have been doing for many years, especially the wonderful traditional priests and nuns God has given to us.

I remember a great line from an old war movie, 'Take the high ground and hold it'... Well, the Rosary is our 'high ground' and I for one am going to hold it tight.



Austrian Minister against Lockdown


Re: Former Minister of the Interior in Austria (English text available)

On April 22, 2020, before the Austrian government, former Minister of the Interior Herbert Kickl openly denounced the fear-based manipulation built on catastrophic forecasts, helped by the media, to establish a strict confinement, presented as the only possibility to avoid Coronavirus mass deaths.

However Sweden, judged irresponsible for not having applied the lockdown, had neither mass deaths, nor the destruction of its economy, nor the restriction of the freedoms of its citizens. Despite this, the discourse of fear continues and we do not talk about these alternatives, why?

Warning: The same people who say they are concerned about your health are those who advocate for the depopulation of humans.

“It is easier to be fooled, than to convince people they have been fooled.” Mark Twain.



California Protest against Lockdown

Hello TIA,

Recently we had a protest in Huntington Beach against the lockdown that Gavin Newtom is still imposing on all citizens.

We see in the photo below that the police officers are bored and disinterested because they do not agree with the governor’s orders. Why don't they just let people go and disregard the order of this tyrant? Is he not breaking our most elementary rights guaranteed by our Constitution?


Protest against lockdown in Huntington Beach


Behind the Crisis…


I am forwarding to you these comments by Trey Gowdy. I suggest you make them accessible to your readers.

Although it has a clear partisan bend, it is reflection about what is behind this crisis that deserves to be taken into consideration.


I'm not saying Covid-19 isn't real... But pay attention folks, there's much more going on here than what meets the eye.

Is it a coincidence that it happens just when the economy is booming, the stock market is setting record highs, we are winning the trade wars, school shootings have stopped, our nation is at peace, the Democratic party is a disaster and so is their likely nominee (Biden)? He hasn't a chance in hell & they're not about to let an outsider (Bernie) destroy their scheme.

It looks like Trump is a sure bet for reelection after fending off three years of investigations and impeachment.

Then, all of a sudden, a world crisis pandemic. Stock market tumbles, companies are laying off employees, everything is closed and canceled, CEO's of giant companies are resigning and indictments are coming. Now they say there are a couple ways a President doesn't win reelection. Those are an unpopular war or a poor economy.

But there is something larger going on here driving this sudden outbreak right after Trump beats an impeachment. Especially the fact that it (Corona virus) originated in China who we are in a global trade war with brought on by Trump. Let's not forget Biden's back door deals with CHINA as well.

China doesn't want 4 more years of Trump either. It all seems rather convenient for the nations and opponents of our current President and economy that this breaks out 5 months before an election. Couldn't have hit at a more perfect time.

With the Democrats running out of campaign talking points in light of no school shootings, no migrant caravans at the southern border, fighting in Syria winding down, North Korea not firing missiles and Trump beating a sham impeachment. The corona virus gave them one last chance to try and point fingers at Trump with the clock winding down in 2020.

This is almost the perfect fascist playbook. Control the population with fear-mongering and panic, control the media, spread propaganda and the fan-favorite, disarm the population. Oh, and did anyone notice that while they are mad as hell at Trump for not sending aid to Ukraine, they THEMSELVES voted AGAINST giving ANY emergency aid to all Americans?

Sorry, but I don't think we are all going to die. Remember when Ebola was what was going to kill us all, and the media kept showing the piles of body bags that were prepared for the fallout. Then a month later it was totally forgotten.

The common flu has killed more people this year already and the media is SILENT! A handful of deaths out of 320 million Americans and we are in panic tearing down our society and costing our economy billions in the wake. It all just seems fishy, a little too well-timed if you ask me.

     Trey Gowdy

Posted May 7, 2020

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