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Protests Shake the Entire U.S.

Against the Covid-19 Tyranny

Note to the reader: In the last days a representative part of the American population went to the streets to protest against the lockdown of almost all business and public services mandated by most of the State governors. These draconian measures have put our whole economic system – Capitalism – in jeopardy.

The disproportion between the danger of catching a disease and keeping the entire population under house arrest is flagrant and scandalous. The basic rights of Americans to worship God, gather in public places and travel freely at will have been blatantly denied for more than one month. The exercise of these basic rights has been considered "criminal" and those who do not comply have been harassed as enemies of the public good. It is not rare that "offenders" are fined or even arrested.

The fake-science and media hysteria are greatly contributing to the tyranny of the governors with the issuance of inflated statistics and spreading a climate of fear/panic.

So, it is with relief that we see Americans shaking off the spell of the media and exaggerated "scientific" data, and saying to the governors: "Enough is enough! Give us back our rights, our jobs and do not destroy our country!"

Today, instead of comments from readers, we post a series of photos of demonstrations from the last days so that they can remain in our records and encourage those who did not have the opportunity to participate in them.


     A.S.G., editor

Protests to reopen the US 1

California: Sacramento & Long Beach

Protests to reopen the US 2

Texas: Austin & San Antonio

Protests to reopen the US 6

Illinois: Chicago

Protests to reopen the US 3

Pennsylvania: Harrisburg

Protests to reopen the US 4

New Hampshire: Concord

Protests to reopen the US 5

Michigan: Lansing

Protests to reopen the US 7

After the previous caption down: Ohio, Kansas, Kentucky, Maryland, Utah, Arizona

Protests to reopen the US 8

Various capitals

Protests to reopen the US 9

North Carolina: Raleigh

Posted April 21, 2020

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