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Canonizations, Foot Fetish & Homo Satanism

Voice of Sanity

Dear TIA,

I just felt compelled to send a quick thank you for Mr. Guimarães’ article on the "Who's Who regarding the Canonizations." I have felt pretty blue and a bit confused today as I read various blogs (even conservative traditionalist ones) rationalizing and justifying the canonizations. The most outlandish one I read was even suggesting that the two popes might ironically become the Saints of Tradition, for they must surely see the error of their pontificates, and we could pray to them to intercede for the restoration of the Church! I then came across the article at TIA and it was like a voice of sanity in such confusion. The other things I was reading just weren't ringing true.

We thank you so much for what you are doing, and please know that people are reading, and we need to read such things. It's like the Church is being lost more than ever in a shroud of confusion. We desperately need to be reminded of the truth.

     With love and prayers,


Excellent Commentary

Dear Friends in Christ,

Your commentary of the 2 canonizations was excellent.

Randy Engel




Yours is a brilliant analysis of the 2 "canonizations."



Too Intellectual


On the article Who’s Who regarding the Canonizations.

No. It is not the intellect. On another occasion Jesus tells Judas what is wrong with his way of thinking and his worldview. He tells him, "not from the mind, from the heart." With Mary's gesture, Judas should have noted charity being played out.

Not everyone has the charism of a superior intellect. Some have it more than others. Your conclusion categorizes people according to their intelligence.


Foot Fetishes

Dear TIA Staff,

I am sending this link along, not to cause scandal but to make aware that the horrid practice of washing women's feet on Maundy Thursday does have an effect. I recently saw your Church Revolution in Pictures of this practice and it brought to mind a recent event in the Diocese of Scranton, to which I belong.

Fr. Philip Altavilla was recently arrested for an incident in 1998. A young girl who was just 13 at the time reported that she was an Altar Server for Midnight Mass that year. After Mass, Fr. Altavilla took the poor child back to the rectory and served her alcohol. He took her home but stopped along the way to fondle her legs and kiss her feet. Upon his arrest, he admitted to this offense and admitted that he has a "foot fetish."

The link to the newspaper article is here.

Sadly, the comments from Catholics in the diocese range from "I am not surprised" to "At least it was a woman."

Thank you for all your hard work and your excellent articles. I found your website 5 years ago when I was finding my way to traditional Catholicism. You have helped me greatly to understand the deep wounds the Church has suffered. I visit your site daily, mostly to read the saint of the day [on the Spotlight page].



Homosexuals Go Satanic


I believe your readers will be interested in knowing that the Drag shows at the University of San Diego, besides the promotion of their vice against nature, now are also promoting Satanism.

The news report on this event can be read here.

     Mark Stabinski

Lesbian Propaganda at the Cathedral


When I see pictures like those featured under Child of Lesbians Baptized, I am outraged and saddened over the lack of even a crumb of Catholic sensibilities. From the pictures, we can clearly see that the two women are more interested in using this poor unfortunate child as a prop for their own self-degrading exhibitionism than in raising a child. It is a good example to show that homosexual couples are not equivalent to a natural, ordered marriage.

First, they sought out not just a local church, but the Cathedral of Cordoba. Second, their dress shows their downright disdain for the church. Most of the people surrounding them had at least the decency (if not the good moral formation not to attend such sacrilege) to dress well. Third, they chose the occasion of a christening for a photo opportunity for ostentatious kissing, clearly meant to incite outrage.

It is indeed shocking that the Cathedral would allow two people to come to a christening in such attire, let alone two lesbians. It feels like an evil mockery of The Presentation of the Child Jesus.

I was confused at the lower pictures of the Masonic handshakes. How do they tie into this story?

      Yours truly,


TIA responds:

Dear M.R.,

The photos of Freemasons giving their handshake - with an extended finger of one man touching the wrist of the other - were posted just to show that the same handshake was given by Pope Francis while greeting the Archbishop of Cordoba.

In South America this is the most characteristic gesture used by Freemasons to identify themselves to one another. Since it is not so common in North America, we posted some pictures of well-known politicians of both Continents for our readers to be able to evaluate the significance of Pope Francis’s gesture.


     TIA correspondence desk




The statement of Our Lord, "Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar's and to God the things that are God's" is sometimes misunderstood by Catholics. Many seem to think that our Constitution trumps the Ten Commandments. It certainly does not. The moral law belongs to God and Caesar has no authority to change it, even by the popular vote of the people.

Some people proudly shout, "We don't live in a Theocracy"... Well, Catholics DO ! We obey the civil authorities unless they go against the Moral Laws of God, at which point they would lose their authority anyway. Catholics will render to Caesar but our allegiance is always to Christ the King. So, spiritually speaking, Christians around the world live in a Theocracy.

     Steve Sanborn, Sr.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted April 29, 2014

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