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Men dressed as women at a Jesuit drag show

Jesuit drag show

On May 4, 2007, another Drag Show took place at the California Mission Room of Santa Clara University. This is a show where homosexual men disguised as women, and women as men, put on skits and dance performances. Attendees are also encouraged to come dressed "in drag."

Santa Clara University, located near Santa Clara Mission, is in Northern California and is run by Jesuit priests. For the last five years the Jesuits have promoted these shows as part of the educational program for the university's 8,000 students. Needless to say, the initiative is warmly supported by all kinds of gay, lesbian and transgender groups.

The student association that sponsored the show advertised the event for this year:

"DRAG Show - This is one of Santa Clara's most entertaining, educational, and community building events! If you are interested in joining a performance, creating your own, helping with publicity, direction, decoration, or crew, please join one of our committees!"

A DVD is also available, below last row, to help spread such "educational" initiatives.

Homosexuality, another "sign of the times" to which the Conciliar Church is eager to adapt.

Need more confirmation? Here is an item from the Santa Clara University paper and another news report.

Photographs and advertisements for the Jesuit drag show

Santa Clara University


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted June 3, 2007

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